Gifts for Tween Boys

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I have two boys ages 9 and 11, officially tweens!   It can be challenging to find some gifts that they like, so with their help, I’ve made a fun list of gifts your tween should love.  Video games and gift cards seem to be the go-to gifts for this age, but I wanted some other ideas too.  Here are OVER 25 ITEMS to help you.

Tweens can be tough to buy for. Here's a great list of OVER 30 items your tween BOY will love!

Gifts for Tween Boys



Gifts for Tween Boys





  • Medal Hanger– Both my boys have something similar to display their medals for wrestling and baseball.






I tried to get different price ranges and ideas.   Hope you found something you can give your tween boy!  Let me know if you have anything I can add to the list.

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  1. LeAnn LeAnn says:

    Great Ideas! Josh got that world record book for Christmas and I find him looking thru it all the time. He likes that it doesn’t have to be read in order like a regular book. We also have that exact mini basketball goal upstairs in the open foyer area that doubles as our book nook. I gets used multiple times a week. I had to get used to the noise that sounds like things breaking every time he hits the backboard! The one you have linked is to much better quality than the cardboard Nerf one we had before that only lasted a few months.

    I also love the medal hanger. May have to put that on Riley’s gift list because she has a ton from gymnastics that are just hanging on her door knob right now. Thanks for that suggestion!

    And what is it with Grandmas and chicken foot? We play it almost every time we are in Murphy visiting Phil’s mom. She got Josh a huge dominos set for his birthday a few years ago since he loved playing it so much!

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