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The BEST Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies 49

The best EGGLESS chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been allergic to eggs my entire life and I’m always on the lookout for new no-egg recipes. This chocolate chip recipe is the best! People always ask if they have eggs because they are so good.

Keeping your kids challenged 2

Keeping your kids challenged

This post contain affiliate links. Just like kids need to get their energy out by participating in sports, running, and playing outside, they need to exercise their mind too.  I’ve realized that when we...

My son wrote to Lego and they wrote back. 6

My son wrote to Lego and they wrote back!

My son loves Legos. He was asking me all kinds of questions about them and I had no idea what the answers were. He wanted to know if he could visit the Lego factory to find out how they were made.

10 Things You MUST see in the Outer Banks 6

10 Things you MUST see in the Outer Banks

Are you planning a trip to the Outer Banks? If not, maybe you should. There is so much to do there beside just laying on the beach. Here are the 10 things you MUST see in the Outer Banks.

Cream of Chicken Soup 2

Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup

I am always looking for things to do to make my family healthier, but big changes do not go over very well.  I do a lot of things that my husband or kids do...

Top 5 Things New Moms Need 4

Top 5 Things New Moms Need

I was talking to a friend the other day that is pregnant and she was telling me all the baby stuff she was registering for. Some of the things she was telling me, I do not even remember being around 1o years ago when I was having my first child.

Are we over scheduling our kids? 2

Are we over-scheduling our kids?

Another mom and I were talking the other day, reminiscing about our childhood.  We don’t remember our moms driving us all over the place for our after school activities.  We both felt we were driving all...

12 Great Bacon Recipes 4

12 Great Recipes with BACON!

My husband’s birthday is coming up and he loves bacon.  In fact, my entire family loves bacon. I thought maybe I could find some recipes to make him a birthday meal.  There are some...

Is your child ready for music lessons? 0

Is you child ready for music lessons?

Many parents want their child to be well rounded and, in many cases, learn a musical instrument. There are few questions you need to ask yourself or your child to see if they are ready.