20 Things Your Kids Can Do Instead of Screen Time

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Yesterday I did a post on reducing screen time for your kids. You can read about it here. I included simple rules that you can incorporate so your kids are off the screen, which include tablets, video games, computers and TVs.

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So now, your kids are complaining they’re bored and they don’t have anything to do. This is what happens in my house.  Here are 20 things they can do instead of being on a screen.

  1.  Cooking
  2. Reading (a real book)
  3. Playing board games
  4. Going for a walk or bike ride
  5. Cleaning
  6. Drawing
  7. Building a Fort
  8. Planning the dinner menu
  9. Watering the garden
  10. Walking the dog
  11. Checking the mail
  12. Writing in a journal
  13. Playing outside
  14. Inviting a friend over
  15. Painting with water colors
  16. Play-doh
  17. Get out an old toy
  18. Puzzles (This is a fun 3D Minion one that we have.)
  19. Get out of the house.  When my kids are really going nuts, I take them to the local skate park to get their energy out.
  20. Talk! 🙂  Sometime we forget to REALLY talk to each other.

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