25 Sports Movies for Family Movie Night

I have two boys and we love having movie night.  Sometimes it’s hard to find movies that we can all enjoy, but we’ve discovered at least 25 sports movies that’s we all like.  

Both my boys play multiple sports and I think they can relate to the characters in a lot of these movies. Some are inspiring, while others are funny.  Some are newer movies that just came out, while others are older from when I was in elementary school.  

They haven’t seen any of the PG-13 movies yet.  They are 8 and 10, but I thought I would add them in because you may have older kids.  I also tried to include a variety of sports because you may be more of a football family than a baseball one!

25 Sports Movies for Family Movie NightThis post contains affiliate links.

25 Sports Movies for Family Movie Night

G Movies

PG Movies

PG-13 Movies

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