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5 Things to Save on at the Grocery Store

I am always trying to save money at the grocery store.  I do clip coupons from the paper and the ones I get in the mail, but only for things I usually buy. There are some more expensive things that I can not live without so I try to save money on other items.

5 Things to Save on at the Grocery Store

5 Things to Save on at the Grocery Store

  1. Cereal– I usually don’t buy “kid” cereal.   I normally only buy the simpler options like Rice Krispies, Chex, and mini wheats.  I noticed when I choose the store brands that the kids never realized I was buying it…so I just stuck with it.
  2. Dishwashing detergent– I know every dishwasher is different so I think this may depend on what works for you.  I have tried a lot if different detergents using coupons and sales. I found the store brand works just as well for me.
  3. Fruit– I only buy fruit when it is on sale.  My kids can eat an entire tub of strawberries in about 5 minutes and that can get expensive, fast.  I always buy what is in season, since it is always the cheapest. I love Aldi because their fruit is consistently lower priced than others.  I even check out the expired produce bins because it doesn’t last long enough in my house to actually expire.  Usually these are bananas and apples and even if they do go “bad”, fresh banana bread or homemade apple pie is always yummy!  
  4. Paper products (except toilet paper)- My family does not need the fanciest napkins at our house.  I usually buy store brand napkins, straws, cups, foil, and paper plates and baggies. 
  5. Staple items– I do not spend extra money on the national brands for staples like beans, rice, vinegar, salt, and sugar.  I have always heard that many generic brands are from the same factory as the national brands anyway.

Everyone has things they save on at the grocery store. Comment below to add some of yours to the list.


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

My family does not mind store brand cheese or milk (organic).

Ashley Tukiainen

Friday 13th of March 2015

Great advice!