Author: Holly

Getting Your Toddler to Give Up the Pacifier

Getting Your Toddler to Give Up the Pacifier

My first son didn’t have anything to do with a pacifier or his thumb.  My second son was a HUGE thumb sucker.  I would have to grab his hand before any picture and pull...

Three Bean Marinated Salad

Three-Bean Marinated Salad

There were some pretty good and important football games this past weekend. I didn’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen cooking and missing out on the fun so I found an easy meal for my family so we could all watch the games together.

When your kids are driving you nuts

Are your kids driving you nuts?

My kids are driving me nuts right now. We had a 4 day weekend, my husband is out of town, and now a snow day!! ARRGGG! I’m about to scream.

Valentine's Day Strawberry Lemonade

Valentine’s Day Strawberry Lemonade

I overheard my older son (who’s 10) telling someone that he loves Valentine’s Day because I always surprise them with a fun treat and a little gift.

Busy Kids = Better Grades

Busy Kids = Better Grades

My husband and I stay VERY busy with our 3 kids that are 8, 10, and 12. We’re always running to music lessons or some sort of practice or meeting. We’re trying to get...

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

Christmas is over and my family is finally getting back to it’s normal routine. It’s been freezing out and the kids have been stuck inside. I thought I would make some fun and SUPER EASY hot chocolate to warm themselves (and me) up.

Test Week Hacks for Tweens

Standardized tests start in 3rd grade where I live. They’re called BOG, EOQ, and EOG or beginning of grade, end of quarter, and end of grade. They are a big deal.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Menu Planning Made Easy

During the fall and before Christmas, I got off my weekly meal planning. I felt I was running to the grocery store ever other day because I was just coming up with recipes a...

A Punishment for Tweens that works

A Punishment that WORKS

When kids get into trouble, parents are always trying to think of appropriate punishments. We take away electronics, outside time, friends, toys, and sports.

Here are some great tips to get your kids moving in the right directions and start appreciating the things they have.

Help! My child is spoiled!

I feel Christmas always brings out the worst in kids and they begin to act spoiled and greedy.  Maybe your kids are already like this and you feel it’s out of control.  They complain someone received more or...