Budget Tips for Back to School Shopping

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I have 3 kids going to school this year.  Last time I was at Walmart, they had all the school supplies out.  I’ve already started to dread all the shopping I have to do before they go back in 4 weeks.  With 2 it was expensive, this year I’ll have all 3 of my kids in school and it will cost even more.  I’m not even including clothes, just the materials they need and fees the school requires.

Back to School Budgeting

One way I make back to school shopping a little easier on the pocket is that I save all year.  One example is that I have a change jar I keep in my kitchen. I emptied it before summer and we are using that money for trips to the ice cream store.  Now our change is accumulating over the summer.  That change will be used for school supplies.  I think I’ll have at least $25 this year!  They love taking it to the machine and dumping it in.  We all guess how much it will add up to.

Budget Tips for Back to School Shopping

Another way is that I shop at home first.  You know some of the things that your kids will probably be needing.  Do you have those things already in your house?  We have scissors and pencils all over the place.  I start gathering them up and putting them in a big gallon sized baggie so I can find them so when it’s time to get organized.   I can lay everything out on the table and see what I need.

Budget Tips for Back to School Shopping

Last, I start shopping NOW!  Every year they always ask for disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues.  I try and pick up some of things every week, starting now.  That way I spread the spending out over 4-6 weeks instead of spending it all at one time.  It’s a little easier on the checkbook.

Budget Tips for Back to School Shopping

Protective has additional back to school savings tips too!  If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I recently did several posts of teaching kids to be money smart, getting allowance, and what to do with their allowance.  I want my kids to live within their means and learn to budget properly.  Experts say that money is one of the biggest stresses in life and I don’t want my kids to have to deal with that.  They learn for me  and I want to be good example of how to save and be prepared for the future.  Protective also has other great resources to help plan for the future, such as college savings.  Have you started thinking about college?

What are your best tips for back to school budgeting?

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