Take your Kids for a “Bite” of the Big Apple

We’ve been once to New York City with the kids. We took our boys who were 4 and 6 at the time.  This year we are going with all 3 kids, now 5, 7, and 9. Several people I know express a sense of intimidation or anxiety about going to such a big city with kids, but New York is really fantastic, even just for a day trip.  I have talked to a lot of people who have relatives that live close to NYC, but don’t take their kids. My advice: take them!  It’s such a great learning experience.  We live in NC and live near a major city so the kids see big building, but nothing like NYC.

Take your kids for a "Bite" of the Big Apple

The first tip is to plan around the kids.  Do things that they will like and there is more than enough that the kids will love.  My parents traveled with me when I was younger.  I didn’t necessarily understand or appreciate all that I saw since I was young; however, later, when I learned about those places in school or saw them on the news, I felt a connection to them.  I remembered what it looked like.  I went to New Mexico and just remember how different it looked from where I lived and left a lasting impression.  I knew NYC would do the same for my kids.

We started out by driving to Staten Island from Philadelphia, where we were staying.  We took the Staten Island Ferry over to NYC.  This was a great start to our trip because (1) the view is spectacular and (2) you pass the Statue of Liberty right away.  All kids recognize her, but to actually see her first thing always blows them away.

Take your kids for a "Bite" of the Big Apple

We went straight to Rockefeller Center and to The Today Show.  We got there right before it ended and were on TV!!  How fun!  I had my mom DVR it and then she took a picture to send me.  There’s my son right behind Kathie Lee.

Take your kids to NYC

We spent the rest of the day enjoying New York.  Just riding the subway was an experience for them.  We spent time in Times Square.  We went to the M&M store and spent entirely too much time.  We went to the Empire State Building and went to the top.  My husband and I got engaged there so it was fun to show the kids.  We went to FAQ Scwartz and bought some Legos.  It was a perfect day for kids.

Take your kids for a "Bite" of the Big AppleTake your kids for a "Bite" of the Big Apple

So many people say their kids are too young, but that’s not true.  If you don’t live in a big city and they aren’t use to seeing that, they will remember.  They may not remember the details, but they will remember the feeling they went and saw things that, previously, they had only seen in books or TV.  They will remember seeing the Statue of Liberty when their teacher talks about it.  They will remember Times Square when they see it on New Years Rockin’ Eve.

Parents are often intimidated about taking their kids to the “big city”.  Don’t worry about it.  New York is safe and easy to navigate and, if you plan appropriately for your children, it’s a trip they’ll never forget!

Take your kids for a "Bite" of the Big Apple

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  1. How lucky that you got to visit FAO Shwartz before they close! A memory for sure 🙂

  2. Pat Hauck says:

    Don’t forget Chinatown, Little Italy and the Lower East Side.

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