Birth Kits CAN Save Lives

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Cigna Foundation, in partnership with Samahope. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I have 3 kids ages 5, 8, and 10.  I went to my regular doctor visits and did everything they told me to do.  My first son came early.  My water broke and didn’t even know it.  My labor didn’t progress, so they had to give me an IV of potocin to get my labor started.   I had horrible back labor and got an epidural as soon as I could.  My second son was late and I went into labor naturally.  I got an epidural with him too.  By the time my third child was born, I felt like I had the hang of it and I understood what labor was all about.  I switched doctors and got a midwife and I was determined NOT to have an epidural.  My daughters due date came and went and still no baby.  They determined that my amniotic fluid was extremely low so they induced my labor.  She was born 4 hours later, with no epidural!!  I did it.

Birth Kits Can Save Lives

I love hearing birth stories and the smiles on the faces telling them.  It’s so amazing what our bodies can do and the medicine and medical equipment we have to help.  I always say that I could never imagine having a baby 100 years ago.  Think how different it would be.  My husband and oldest son recently went to Nicaragua with an organization that we donate to.  They saw a world much different from our own.  It made me thank how lucky I am to live in the United States and the health care we have.

The Cigna Foundation has partnered with Samahope to improve childbirth outcomes and improve maternal health.  I think this is something that all mothers can relate to.  My births were pretty common here in the United States.  If I lived in another country would I have gotten the potocin to kick start labor?  If not, what what could have happened.

Every two minutes a woman dies from preventable causes related to pregnancy and birth.  Samahope is on a mission this year and have implemented The 10,000 Lives Campaign.  They are working to provide 5000 birth kits for moms and babies.  Just $5 can provide sterile tools that could save the mother and baby.  Many are items that we take for granted, such as a nasal aspirator for the baby.


Photo Credit: Samahope

You can donate as little as $5 (or more).  You can click over to their donation page and put in your credit card information.  I think this is a really great cause.  You CAN put yourself in their shoes.  You know what it’s like to have a baby.   Think how scared and confused you were the first time you had a baby and then think about not even having all the health care available.   This kit could save the mother and child.  Take a few minutes and head over there.  Skip the coffee shop today and use that money to save 2 lives.

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