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25+ Easy Family Breakfast Ideas

Are you in a breakfast rut? Here are over 25 easy family breakfast ideas that are great for those early mornings. These are super simple, kid friendly breakfast recipes your entire family will love.

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Does your family love breakfast as much as mine do?  I can barely get my kids to eat dinner, but they will eat a HUGE breakfast.  

I like to change things up and make all different kinds of food, but it’s easy to get in a rut and make the same few things over and over.  Sometimes I just need some motivation or reminders to help get me out of it.   

My kids eat scrambled eggs, fruit and bagels and cream cheese, but those get old and fast. You’ll get out of your rut with these simple breakfast ideas!

breakfast food collage of burrito, strawberry muffins, blueberry muffins. french toast casserole and egg cup

Easy Family Breakfast Ideas

I know early mornings can be hard so I’ve included some breakfast recipes for early mornings and delicious simple family brunch ideas when you have more time.  I’ve also tried to get a variety because you know kids…sometimes they like it and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I just have to break out the canned cinnamon rolls!

A few years ago my children were eating tons of cereal.  I wanted them to eat healthier, but cereal really IS easy and convenient.    I made a New Year’s resolution to go the entire year without buying cereal.   The kids could eat it when we visited the grandparents, but I was not buying cereal for an entire year!  

When I started, I thought I would have to get up a lot earlier to cook, and that just wasn’t true. It was hard the first couple of weeks, but it got easier and easier.

When I was growing up, I had cereal a lot.  I’m allergic to eggs and I didn’t even know how to make breakfast. I was googling, how to make french toast and how to scramble an egg.  I never thought I would be cooking eggs almost every morning.

The first month was pretty tough. I was so tired of getting up and making breakfast.  The kids were tired of the same things too, scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit.   I had to get some more breakfast foods in the mix and ended up having to sit down and plan my menu out not just for dinner, but for breakfast as well.   

After the first month, I was getting the hang of it.  It was no longer a chore to make breakfast first thing in the morning anymore.  I made sure I had a lot of different foods available so I could change the menu up if I needed to.  The kids were really enjoying the new foods and stopped asking for cereal after the first few weeks.

Family Breakfast Ideas