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Building Sibling Relationships

I have a 10-year-old son and a just turned 5 year old daughter. They don’t have much in common, but I still like them to spend time together. Yes, we can all watch TV together, but I would like them to spend quality time together working on a project or playing. It can be hard to find things that they both have an interest in. Here are a few things that older kids and younger kids can both do together.

Building Sibling Relationships

Cook Doesn’t food bring everyone together. All my kids like baking and cookies so it’s a no brainer that we can all get in the kitchen and make something and then enjoy the finished project.

Build a Fort My daughter loves forts, but has a hard time getting them to stay up. My older son can jump in there and make it awesome.

Loom Bracelets I know this is out of style now, but my daughter loves these things. She is old enough to start doing these on her own now, but she still needs help on how to do some patterns. This is the perfect opportunity for them to work on something together. He can be there to help out when she runs into trouble.

Legos This is the same and the bracelets. She can understand the instructions, but still gets confused sometimes. Her big brother can come help her out in a tough spot.

Obstacle Course My kids are addicted to American Ninja Warrior. They are making obstacle courses for each other all the time. They can all play and work together to come up with a challenge.

What are some activities that your older and younger kids do together?

Building Sibling Relationships