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Busy Kids = Better Grades

My husband and I stay VERY busy with our 3 kids that are 8, 10, and 12. We’re always running to music lessons or some sort of practice or meeting. We’re trying to get homework, dinner, and free time squeezed in there too.

Busy Kids = Better Grades

My son that is 10 is in 5th grade. This fall he played football and baseball on a travel baseball team. He was busy. I was busy.  He practiced Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights and a football game on Saturday morning. There were 5 weekends where we had a baseball tournaments and those included a drive to a different area and at least 4 baseball games on Saturday and Sunday. He was squeezing homework and studying in whenever he could.

Then, it all ended! We were done. Our whirlwind fall was over.  He does wrestling in the winter with 2 practices a week and only 4 meets. He has plenty of time to do his homework and play.  We noticed this last year, but we just thought he was in a slump. Now it’s happening again. His grades were getting worse and he was getting into more trouble.  When he’s busy, he does better in school and has better behavior!  

When he’s busy he stays focused and gets out plenty of energy  He knows he can’t waste any time.  When it’s time to do homework, he does it.  After his scheduled slowed down, we noticed he was taking longer to do his homework and getting distracted.  He stopped more to “get a snack” or his “leg was hurting”.  He would rush through it, so he could go outside and play.

I’m not saying my kid, or yours, should be that busy all the time.  He was ready for a break, but I know from this experience he does better under pressure and when he’s busy.  We’ve incorporated a new homework schedule and next year, when winter comes around, I know that I’ll need to work harder to help him stay on task.

I was always worried that he was so busy he wasn’t enjoying life.  He is!  He’s doing things he enjoys like baseball, football, wrestling, and playing outside.  Do you have a kid that’s like this, who need to be busy all the time, the busier the better.

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Friday 5th of February 2016

We see a lot of the same things at our house! And, heaven help us if practices get canceled multiple times a week because Josh gets cranky and irritable. He needs the activity as an outlet or he gets mean!