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Should I let my kid get a CRAZY haircut?

Should I let my kid get a CRAZY haircut?

If you have school aged kids, I’m sure you’ve seen some kids with really wild hair.  Some have mohawks or unnatural colors or BOTH!  Eventually your kid will ask for a crazy cut.  Should...

Allowance for Tweens

Allowance for Tweens

Allowance for kids can be so tricky. I even wrote a small series and kids and allowance. Since my boys are getting a little older and officially tweens, my husband and I have changed...

5 Benefits of Playing Soccer

Benefits of Playing Soccer

My daughter just turned 6 and loves soccer. She’s played several seasons and she always has a smile on her face. She gets so mad if she doesn’t have practice and if it rains, you better stay away from her.

Here are some great sports movies for family movie night. Some are old, new, funny, or inspiring, but you and your kids will love watching them together.

Sports Movies for Kids for Family Movie Night

I have two boys and we love having movie night. Sometimes it’s hard to find movies that we can all enjoy, but we’ve discovered that sports movies are the ones that they like the most.

How to keep your kids from getting sick

How to keep your kids from getting sick

Two of my kids have perfect attendance this school year and the third has missed one day because of traveling.  Can you believe it?  My three kids have been mostly healthy all school year....

Creating an Art Kit

Creating an art kit for your child

My daughter loves to do art. She’s 5 years old and is always creating a painting or making a pretend cast and having other kids sign it.

Fun YouTube Channels for Kids

Fun YouTube Channels for Kids

My boys love going on YouTube, but I’m very careful on what they’re watching. One minute they can be watching something that’s a normal kid program and two clicks later they are on a video with kids cursing like crazy.

One Thing That Will Break Your Budget

One Thing That Will Break Your Budget

I have always used a budget. When I was in college I only got paid once a month and if I didn’t use a budget I would run out of money.

Do this before your family gets the stomach bug

Best Stomach Bug Tip EVER!

Usually when one kid brings home an illness, I’m always looking for a sign that the next kid has come down with it too.

Trick to get your kids to stop whining

One trick to get your kids to stop whining

Whining can be such a bad habit for your kids to get into. Once you let it slide a couple of times it seems like it take weeks to get things back under control....

Looking for some new shows to binge watch? Take a look at this great list of must watch shows on Starz. You'll find some good ones.

Must watch shows on Starz

My family has the most basic TV channels on our TV. I would get rid of them totally, but my husband hasn’t figured out how to get all his sports without it.