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This is exactly what you need this winter. Enter to win $100 PayPal Cash. Get out of the house and do something fun and exciting for the day. 2

Win $100 Cool Cash

 Who wouldn’t want to win $100?  I know winter can be drab and boring.  I get so sick of sitting in the house and being bored.  I’m usually saving money for summer vacation and...


Cash for Christmas 2016

Are you getting geared up for the shopping season? Do you need extra cash for Christmas?? Don’t we all! We are so excited to be giving away $330 in cash prizes for you to...


OVER- $100 PayPal Giveaway

It’s a new season and I know you need some new clothes or extra money to save up for Christmas!  Enter this $100 PayPal Giveaway for your chance to win! Entry-Form

3 Must Have Fashion Items this Spring 1

3 Must Have Fashion Items this Spring

I’m a busy mom and don’t follow fashion styles that closely, but still like to look nice and in style. I do wear what’s comfortable, looks good, and works with my lifestyle with 3 busy kids.

Leap Into Cash 0

Leap Into Cash Contest

Leap Into Cash $100 Giveaway Welcome to MamatheFox’s February 2016 PayPal cash giveaway. This giveaway runs 2/1-2/29. The winner will be pulled on 3/1 and have 24 hours to respond. If they fail to...