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10 MUST have items for your Glove Box 0

10 MUST have items for your Glove Box

I know if you have a busy family like I do, then you have a ton of things in your car and wonder how all that junk ended up in there. There are princess shoes, footballs, old cell phones, and food wrappers galore. Favorites 2

My favorite things at

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know I’m a busy mom with three kids. I’m running to football, baseball, and soccer practices. You know I love shopping online.

Try this simple way to get rid of fruit flies. You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already. 1

How to get rid of fruit flies FAST

Where has the summer gone? I’ve taken a big break from being on the computer and spent a lot of time hanging out with my kids and trying to have some fun in the summer heat!

Who doesn't want to save time? Click over and get this clever hack and the BEST tip for easy lunch packing. It's so easy! 8

The best tip for easy lunch packing.

I do not like packing school lunches. I can not get moving in the mornings. I have tried packing them at night, but I can never seem to find the time. I often realize I forgot when I am laying in bed about to go to sleep.

Is your home office a mess? Here are a few simple tips to get things under control and get your home office clutter free. 0

8 Tips to Declutter your Home Office

My office has been a mess and I decided to give it a good cleaning. I felt there was clutter everywhere! I do a lot of things to keep it clean, but I had gotten lazy and let things pile up.

5 things you should be buying online 1

5 things you should be buying online (but aren’t)

The worst thing is trying to shop with kids. I have three and I’m exhausted when I get back. I went out on Friday and it was torture. I get so distracted and forget things AND come home with items I don’t need and aren’t on my list.

How to clean your kid's football equipment 0

How to clean football equipment

Yes, it’s the middle of June, but football is right around the corner. It’s starts the first of August here in North Carolina. My 2 boys were in wrestling camp this week and they got in the car and they stunk!

Easy Lunches For Kids 2

20+ Easy Summer Lunches For Kids

My kids eat a huge breakfast.  I usually make eggs, sausage, bacon, oatmeal, breakfast burritos, that sort of thing.

Getting your house ready to sell can be overwhelming. Click over and see these tips to get you moving into your new house faster! 0

Tips on getting your house ready to sell when you’re moving

I was walking around the block and I took a different route than I normally do. I was on a street I usually don’t drive on and noticed that there were 5 houses for sale in a small section of our neighborhood.