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3 Must Have Fashion Items this Spring 1

3 Must Have Fashion Items this Spring

I’m a busy mom and don’t follow fashion styles that closely, but still like to look nice and in style. I do wear what’s comfortable, looks good, and works with my lifestyle with 3 busy kids.

Brita's NEW Water Filtration System 0

Brita’s NEW Water Filtration System

I got the opportunity to test out a new product from Brita and it’s perfect for sports. The Brita Jug Filter is a water filter that fits in your jug water coolers and filters out the chlorine from tap water.

10 Car Cleaning Hacks 4

10 Car Cleaning Hacks

I have three kids and it doesn’t take long for my car to become a complete disaster. We spend a lot of time in the car traveling to baseball and wrestling tournaments and now soccer and lacrosse practices have started.

Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean 0

Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean

I’ve started my spring cleaning already because we have had some beautiful days here in North Carolina. I’ve even had the windows open this past weekend because it was in the 70’s!

Grocery Shopping Time Savers 2

Grocery Shopping Time Savers

The most time consuming chore is with my food and meals. I plan out my menu, make a grocery list, shop for food, then make each meal. It probably is yours too.

Spring Time Resolutions 33

Spring Time Resolutions

Spring is coming soon.  I live in North Carolina and tomorrow is going to be 71!  I am definitely getting spring fever.  I always get energized around this time of year.  I look forward...

Meal Planning Made Easy 1

Menu Planning Made Easy

During the fall and before Christmas, I got off my weekly meal planning. I felt I was running to the grocery store ever other day because I was just coming up with recipes a...