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Soap dispenser and spa towel on pastel bathroom window interior 1

Checklist for Bathroom Cleaning

It’s time to deep clean your bathroom. No one likes to do it! Here’s a great checklist for bathroom cleaning so you don’t forget anything.

10 Ways your kids can help with Laundry 1

10 Ways Your Kids Can Help With Laundry

I was at a baseball tournament all weekend. I spend a lot of time in between games hanging out and talking with other moms.

10 Car Cleaning Hacks 4

10 Car Cleaning Hacks

I have three kids and it doesn’t take long for my car to become a complete disaster. We spend a lot of time in the car traveling to baseball and wrestling tournaments and now soccer and lacrosse practices have started.

7 Days and 7 Things You Should Declutter This Week 0

7 Days and 7 Things You Should Declutter This Week

I’ve been driving through the neighborhood and on trash day there are a lot more bags than normal. People are loving spring and cleaning out. I’ve done the kid clothes and my husband has tackled the garage.

Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean 0

Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean

I’ve started my spring cleaning already because we have had some beautiful days here in North Carolina. I’ve even had the windows open this past weekend because it was in the 70’s!

Grocery Shopping Time Savers 2

Grocery Shopping Time Savers

The most time consuming chore is with my food and meals. I plan out my menu, make a grocery list, shop for food, then make each meal. It probably is yours too.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning- 10 Things that most people forget! 1

Kitchen Spring Cleaning- 10 Things that most people forget!

It was a very strange weekend for us. We didn’t have any practices or games, wrestling meets or plans. I started my spring cleaning instead! It was in the 20’s here in NC, but I’m hoping spring is on it’s way and soon.

Meal Planning Made Easy 1

Menu Planning Made Easy

During the fall and before Christmas, I got off my weekly meal planning. I felt I was running to the grocery store ever other day...

Etched Glass Christmas Decoration 5

Etched Glass Christmas Decoration

Starting around the middle of October my family is very busy. We have football, cheer, Thanksgiving, wrestling season starts, then Christmas.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer 2

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

I love, love, love this recipe! My kids can help make it and I have a never have to go out and buy any when I have everything I need to make it at home.

Top Camping Items you can't forget 2

Top Camping Items You Can’t Forget

Fall is in the air and so is camping. My family and I go camping a few times a year. We try to go at least once is the spring and once in the fall. We typically group camp with some of my husband’s friends and their families.