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Homework Survival Tips 0

Homework Survival Tips

My kids started school a week ago and by Friday they both my boys (7 and 10) came home with packets of homework due the next Friday. The first few weeks of school are always...

Tips for Football Moms 6

Tips for Football Moms

If you are a mom of a football player you know that it’s about time to get crazy around your house! We have been practicing for a month already and the jamboree in this weekend.

Is it time to get your Tween a phone? 0

Is it time to get your tween a phone?

The school year is about to begin and all the kids are a year older. My oldest son is 10 years old. He has been asking about a phone for awhile, but my husband and I have been debating getting him one.

Helping your Child Through a Tryout 0

Helping your Child Through a Sports Tryout

If your child plays sports there comes a time when they end up having to try out for a team.  For some, this could be in elementary school, while others it could come in...

Are we over scheduling our kids? 2

Are we over-scheduling our kids?

Another mom and I were talking the other day, reminiscing about our childhood.  We don’t remember our moms driving us all over the place for our after school activities.  We both felt we were driving all...

Is your child ready for music lessons? 0

Is you child ready for music lessons?

Many parents want their child to be well rounded and, in many cases, learn a musical instrument. There are few questions you need to ask yourself or your child to see if they are ready.

Tips to Get Your Child to Listen 0

Tips to get your child to listen

Sometimes kids are in their own world.  They are focused on what they are doing and not pay attention to anything else.  Other times kids hear you, but do not listen.  Here are 6 tips...

Help! My child keeps waking me up at night! 21

Help! My Child Keeps Waking Me Up At Night

I know people that let their kids sleep in their beds and I know people who do not.  We do not let the kids sleep in our bed, but lately my daughter, who is...

Are you holding your child back? I was! 9

Are YOU holding your child back?

This week is our Spring break.  We are just sticking close to home this week, but we decided to take the kids skiing for the weekend.  It’s closing weekend here in North Carolina and the...

Should I get a dog for my family? After looking at this cute face you'll want one, but you really need to think hard and make sure it's the right decision for your family. 3

Should I get a dog for my family?

This post contains affiliate links. If you clicked on this, then you’re asking yourself,  “Should I get a dog for my family?”.  My kids ask all the time if we can get a dog and...

Are you breaking one of your own rules? Are you showing your child respect? 1

Are you breaking one of your OWN rules?

All families have rules for their kids. We get upset with our kids if they leave their shoes out or don’t clean their rooms.   Most parents don’t approve if their child is disrespectful, talking...

I made a New Year's resolution to not buy cereal for a year and I did it! NO CEREAL!! Could you do it? Could you go a cereal without cereal? 2

A Year with NO Cereal

A few years ago my children where eating tons of cereal.  I wanted them to eat healthier, but cereal really IS easy and convenient.    I made a New Year’s resolution to go the entire year...