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Fun YouTube Channels for Kids 0

Fun YouTube Channels for Kids

My boys love going on YouTube, but I’m very careful on what they’re watching. One minute they can be watching something that’s a normal kid program and two clicks later they are on a video with kids cursing like crazy.

Teaching Your Tween How to Study 0

Teaching your tween how to study

There comes a time when your kids will have to start studying. My 2nd grader has a spelling test every week. The teacher gives him homework and classwork.

Keeping Your Tween Safe on the Internet 0

Keeping Your Tween Safe on the Internet

I can’t imagine being a kid now and having so much information at my finger tips. I officially have 2 tweens in my house and I’ve been hearing some horrible stories on the news lately about teens and the Internet.

What can I do about my lying tween? 1

What can I do about my lying tween?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you’ll know I have a tween, actually 2!  When you have a tween things change.  You can be tricky and sneaky with younger kids,...

Busy Kids = Better Grades 1

Busy Kids = Better Grades

My husband and I stay VERY busy with our 3 kids that are 8, 10, and 12. We’re always running to music lessons or some sort of practice or meeting. We’re trying to get...


Test Week Hacks for Tweens

Standardized tests start in 3rd grade where I live. They’re called BOG, EOQ, and EOG or beginning of grade, end of quarter, and end of grade. They are a big deal.

A Punishment for Tweens that works 28

A Punishment that WORKS

When kids get into trouble, parents are always trying to think of appropriate punishments. We take away electronics, outside time, friends, toys, and sports.

Is it time to get your Tween a phone? 0

Is it time to get your tween a phone?

The school year is about to begin and all the kids are a year older. My oldest son is 10 years old. He has been asking about a phone for awhile, but my husband and I have been debating getting him one.

Helping your Child Through a Tryout 0

Helping your Child Through a Sports Tryout

If your child plays sports there comes a time when they end up having to try out for a team.  For some, this could be in elementary school, while others it could come in...