6 Christmas Safety Tips

Check out these 6 EASY Christmas safety tips you need to review to stay safe over the holidays.

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Christmas is a great time of year.  I know I’m running around shopping, making Christmas treats, seeing school performances, and going to parties.  Things got put on hold this past weekend when we got SNOW!  I can’t believe we got snow so early this year living in North Carolina.

 I went to the grocery store up the road and it was slammed busy with people.  When I was walking back out to the car, I slipped on a little patch of ice.  Luckily, I was holding on to the buggy, but what if I was older or had trouble walking.  It could have really been a HUGE disaster and having a broken bone could have ruined my holiday.

Check out these 4 EASY Christmas safety tips you need to review to stay safe over the holidays.

6 Christmas Safety Tips

Stay inside and out of the snow and ice.  This is what I should have done instead of running out when snow and ice were all over the ground.  I’ve made a list of items I need in case something like this happens again.  

I have a small area in my dining room and it’s perfect for holding these items in case we are stuck in the house.  I plan on putting lots of nonperishable food in there such as, mac-n-cheese, soups, crackers, and SNACKS!  Grab some salt to put down next time you get ice.  Holiday shopping can wait.

Well still have a little snow 4 days later!

Check out these 4 EASY Christmas safety tips you need to review to stay safe over the holidays.

Be safe when shopping.  Be aware of your surroundings when you’re walking in a parking lot or going to the restroom.  It can be really stressful this time of year for some people and they could resort to things they normally wouldn’t do just to get some extra cash.  Keep your purse or wallet in a place that a pick pocket can’t get to easily. Park in a well lit area.

Don’t drink and drive.  I don’t really have to say much about this, do I?  Don’t do it!

Home safety.  Do you do a lot of online shopping like I do?  I love shopping in my PJ’s!  Don’t have packages piling up on your front door if you know you’re not going to be there.  It’s so inviting to criminals!  Think about getting outdoor security cameras if you have problems like this in your area.

Christmas lights.   Probably about half of you have Christmas lights on the front of your house or somewhere on the inside.  Make sure you put these on a timer an don’t burn them all the time.  Make sure your extension cords are in good shape.  Be smart when you’re going out and turn off the tree and other lights.

Tree safety.  Did you know your Christmas tree can be a HUGE fire issue?  Make sure you keep your tree watered well.  I know I’m pretty attentive at first, but I start to slack off when I know my tree will make it to Christmas.   Check out this video from Erie Insurance.  Look how fast this tree catches fire and burns.  It doesn’t take long.  They also have a lot of other great tips over at their website.

Scary!!  Don’t place your tree near the fireplace and keep it away from candles.

These tips are so simple, but sometimes you just need a reminder how quickly something can go wrong.  Hope you have a safe holiday season!

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