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Creating an art kit for your child

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My daughter loves to do art. She’s 5 years old and is always creating a painting or making a pretend cast and having other kids sign it. Lately our arts and crafts supply are in the dumps. Crayons are broken and we have about 5 empty containers of water colors.  Recently she went to do homework and we couldn’t even find the color crayons she needed to complete her assignment.  I went out and bought a $2 pack of 64 crayons and just having those new crayons have renewed her (and her brothers) interest in sitting down and creating.  Everyone loves new crayons right.

Creating an Art Kit

Creating an Art Kit

I have Amazon Prime and love it.  I pay the yearly fee and then can order and receive things in 2 days.  They offer same day shipping in my area now!

Last, I find some items on sale to put in the box.  There are tons of things  you can find at the local craft store.  If it’s a good deal, buy it.  You may not know what to do with the items, but your kids can find something creative to make with it.  It could be yarn, pipe cleaners, ribbons, or feather, whatever’s on sale.

The key is to have it all in one place!  You can buy a container to keep it all in or find something around the house.  We keep our markers, colored pencils, and rulers in an old coffee container.  It’s big and she can see everything in it.  I have an empty drawer in my kitchen that I keep all the other supplies in.  It’s easy and accessible for them to grab.  While I’m cooking dinner my daughter can pull everything out and start creating something.

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