Creating a Campaign on BoardBooster

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BoardBooster is such a great tool to help with your pinning strategy.  I love that I can set campaigns and not have to worry about remembering to pin because it can be so time consuming to keep up with what you’ve pinned where.  It’s perfect for group boards that I’m in.  I can pin it once and the campaign will do the rest.  Here are some step by step directions to set up a campaign.

Campaigns Pin

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster

First, you’ll need to head to your top menu an select Pinning tools.

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster


There you will see Campaigns and you’ll need to click on that.

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster

Next you’ll select Scheduled Campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.15.34 PM


This is the screen that will pop up.  For my example here, I will create a campaign for recipes.  I’m in several group boards for just recipes so this is a perfect one I need to do.  I’ll name it Recipes.  Only you will see this, so you can name it whatever you need so you’ll remember it.  I have one that called Everything because those boards will take all pins.

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster


After you name it, you’ll need to start adding all those recipe boards.  You’ll have to do this one at a time.  Click on the green Add repin button.  This is the screen that will come up.

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster


You’ll go to the first section titled Repin to board and select the board where you want your pin to go to.  I’m selecting Time to Eat!

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster


Next, you’ll want to determine what day of the campaign you want this to pin.  I’m setting this to Day 1 and the repin time to 6:00.  Click add and then repeat until all the boards that take recipes are added to your campaign.

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster


Here’s an example of a campaign I have for Christmas.  Some of my campaigns have 15 or more boards!  I like to set mine to go out once a day, so I have multiple things being pinned at once.

Creating a Campaign for BoardBooster

This is where people get confused.

You can pin 20 things to your recipe campaign, but on day 1 only 1 recipe pin will be released (because that’s the way I set mine up.  I don’t want to accidentally have the same pin several times in row so I spread them out daily).  It will start to go through the cycle you set up.  The next day it will pick up a different pin and start on day 1, while the previous pin is already on day 2 and so on.

Now, when you write a recipe post make sure you pin it to the recipe campaign board and it will follow the schedule you set and pin to all those boards and you don’t have to do a thing!

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