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Dirty Dozen- Free Printable!

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I’ve been trying really hard at getting back on track with living a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve started exercising more, but I’ve made a few adjustments to the fruits and vegetables I’ve been buying.  I had really gotten out of the habit of making my menu and started purchasing a lot of convenience foods that are just bad for you.  I’ve started SLOWLY making an adjustment to my menu and weekly shopping trips.

The first thing I did was started buying foods from the CLEAN 15.  These are items that contain low levels of pesticides.  I just switched out some items that I normally buy and started purchasing a couple of those.  No biggie.  It was pretty simple, but I’m trying to create a habit.  I’m going slowly so I don’t get overwhelmed.

The next thing I’ve done was begin to remove items from the DIRTY DOZEN.  These are fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels of pesticides and if you consume them, then they should really be organic.   We eat a lot of apples and I put apple juice in my smoothies.  I started buying organic apples and apple juice.  We eat a lot of peppers and I planted 6 plants in my garden this year.  I know they are organic!

Just hover over the image and right click to save to your computer. Now you can print it out.  You can add it to your coupon binder or refrigerator.

Dirty Dozen- Free Printable


You can get my FREE PRINTABLE of the CLEAN 15 HERE!