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Easy DIY Camera Strap

I love fabric covers on camera straps.  I made one a few years ago and it was really dirty so I decided to make another one.  One reason these are great because everyone has these cameras now and they all look alike. YOU can find yours easily when you have a fabric strap on it.    Another reason I like them is because I seem to always have my camera out on vacation or when we’re doing something fun.  I lay it down it down a lot.  I’m always nervous about people stealing, but with a strap it would become much more identifiable and I think it would deter someone from taking it.

Easy DIY Camera Strap


You don’t need much to do this project.  You’ll just need enough fabric to cover your strap, scissors, a tape measure, and your sewing machine.  first, you’ll want to measure your strap.

Easy DIY Camera StrapEasy DIY Camera Strap

Next you’ll want to add an inch to the measurements to allow for the hem.  I made mine really tight last time and I could barely get it on so I’m making it a little looser this go-a-around.  Then, cut out your rectangle.  Mine final size was 4″ by 23″.

Easy DIY Camera Strap

Head over to the sewing machine and turn over the fabric and sew the hems on the shorter side of the fabric.

Easy DIY Camera Strap

Next, fold over and sew all the way down.  When you’re finished you’ll have a big tube.

Easy DIY Camera Strap

You’ll want to turn it right side out and then just slide it on to your strap.  
Easy DIY Camera Strap

That’s it!  It’s really simple and it makes your camera look great!  The hardest part for me was unhooking one side of my camera strap from my camera and then hooking it back.  It shouldn’t take you long to complete and these would make great gifts!


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