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Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Are you looking for some non candy Easter basket ideas? Here are some great ones for boys and girls, tweens and teens, and NO candy is included!

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Who else needs a little inspiration and some new ideas for your Easter baskets.  I’m always on the lookout for things my kids would like.  When any of my kids say they want something, I put it in my notes app on my phone so I’ll always have it.  I’ve made a list of some of their items (and mine) to give you some easy Easter basket ideas for kids this Easter holiday.

I don’t like buying little cheap toys that will break or only end up in the trash. I like to get them something I know they will want, use and love.

light brown easter basket with colorful Easter eggs and bright yellow tulips

No Candy East Basket Ideas

I like getting my kids a few things I know they’ll love and then some Easter basket fillers of chocolate or candy. As they have gotten older, they get fewer things in their basket, but they still love it. It’s a fun way to get them some things they may need too.

Easter Basket Tip 1

To keep your costs down when doing Easter baskets is don’t get a big one! I’ve some baskets that are huge so to fill them up you’ll need a lot of stuff. I have pretty small baskets so if I’m not careful I’ll buy too much. It helps keep the costs low but also makes the basket look nice and full.

Easter Basket Tip 2

Not everything has to be an Easter theme. Don’t make things harder on yourself. Get a few things you know they’ll like and then fill in with Easter chocolates or socks. I don’t like getting everything Easter because they won’t be wearing the bunny ears you get them after a day or two. After all, Easter’s over!

I decided to start with some gift ideas for older kids- tween and teen Easter baskets ideas, then move on to the younger kids.

Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Easy Easter Baskets for Kids

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Happy Easter everyone!

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