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Tips for eating out with food allergies

Eating out with food allergies can be tough.  Ive been allergic to eggs my entire life and have had to deal with it.  Restaurants have definitely gotten better at accommodating people with food allergies, but it can still be hard.  It drives me crazy if I ask a server if they have eggs in their bread,  they say they don’t know and JUST STAND THERE!  HELLO!  Aren’t you going to help me out? Here are a few tips to eating out if you have food allergies easier so those situations don’t happen.

Eating out with food allergies can be tough and challenging. Here are some tips that will help make it a little easier and more enjoyable.

Tips for eating out with food allergies

Look online for allergy information

I do this a lot when my husband is driving and we’re going to an unfamiliar place.  A lot of chains provide this information online, but local places don’t.  If they don’t ask when you get there.

Look at the menu online

If I can’t find the allergy info, then I alway try to look at the menu online.  I can glance over it and make sure there are options for a good meal.  I hate going to places to eat and I can only eat one thing, salad!

Call ahead

I have called ahead and asked if they have an allergy menu.  I’ve talked with the manager or chef and discussed my options there.  If they are limited, then I go somewhere else.

Tell your server about your allergy–  Many places write it down on the ticket to make sure there are no mistakes.  They can also guide you in the right direction with suggesting different options.

Ask your server to double check items

When I pick something out, I usually double check with them to make sure I am good to go.  Eggs are in a lot of sauces and garnished, so I always ask if there is a special sauce they add to the dish that’s not listed on the menu.

Ask to speak with a manager

Usually the manager is on top of things.  It’s VERY frustrating when you ask about your allergy and the server doesn’t know and just stands there.  You have to ask them to please go check for you!

Do you have food allergies?  What are some things you do when you go out to a new place?