EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Free Printable Planning Calendar

Elf on the Shelf-  It’s a love it or hate it situation.  There are the people that want to throw the elf across the room and others who are staying up late and creating the most fun tricks and situations.  

Have you seen that meme around the Internet talking about the two kinds of moms?  There’s a Pinterest mom or an Amazon mom.  I definitely am an Amazon mom.  I have three busy kids and I don’t have a lot of extra time to create crazy Elf on the Shelf scenes.

My friend wrote the best blog post about Reasons Why your Elf on the Shelf forgot to move.  She definitely wrote this for someone like me.

Kids love Elf on the Shelf, but it can be overwhelming to think of ideas. Here's a great list with a printable calendar with EASY Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Printable Calendar

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I created the Elf on the Shelf planner because my daughter loves this sort of thing!  She is always writing in notebooks and doing artwork.  She loves when we get the advent calendars out and start opening the windows to get our little candies.  

I thought she would love a calendar so she could write down what  our elf was doing everyday.  This is so cute because we can save it and look back when she gets older.    I started this last year and what a fun way to start the holiday season-  looking at all the fun our elf had last year.

I started thinking that it would be nice to have a calendar for me too.  Parents are so busy and figured it would be great for a mom to come here and print out a calendar with all the ideas already listed.  All the work has been done for you already!  Woohoo!  

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

These are super easy ideas.  You don’t have to do much to prepare for any of them.

  • Elf squishing out toothpaste
  • Elf stuck in Christmas tree
  • Making hot cocoa
  • Trying to work the TV remote
  • Making breakfast (Cereal, pancakes)
  • Hanging onto ceiling fan or light
  • Peaking out of a stocking
  • Hiding with other stuffed animals and dolls
  • Stick to the wall using bows
  • Reading a book
  • Stuck in a roll of toilet paper
  • Wrapped in a wash cloth in the refrigerator
  • Day Off-  Here are some great reasons why your Elf forgot to move!
  • Folding a basket of laundry
  • Art project with scissors, markers, and paper
  • Eating a snack- box of crackers or goldfish
  • Peaking out from behind a plant
  • Sitting in a shoe

Here are some Elf on the Shelf accessories that are super cute.  They go with some of the ideas in the calendar, but they’re just extras.  You can buy them and use them or not.

Print it out here!

It’s easy to print out.  Just follow these directions.  Click on the image or here and it will take you to Dropbox so you can download the image to your computer to save or print. I have my printables stored there so I can give out a higher quality image without slowing my website down. Please let me know if you have any issues and I’ll get you going!

Kids love Elf on the Shelf, but it can be overwhelming to think of ideas. Here's a great list with a printable calendar with EASY Elf on the Shelf ideas.


You can print these cute little notecards out for FREE!  Your elf NEEDS these!


Here are a couple of Christmas ideas that you may like too!

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