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Homemade Eye Pillow

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I started taking yoga a couple of years ago.  Like you would expect, my yoga studio is soothing and calm.  The first thing I noticed when I entered the studio was the fantastic smell…so nice and so tranquil.  At the end of the class the instructor went around with essential oils for the students to inhale, while slightly massaging our head with it.  She gently laid an eye pillow over our eyes.  For the rest of the day, I was calm and relaxed.  After a few weeks of attending the classes, I decided that an eye pillow was a luxury I couldn’t live without.  This would be perfect before bed or in the bath.

Eye Pillow
  1. I had fabric scraps from previous projects so I just grabbed one I liked.  I cut the size I wanted, around 7″ x 4″, and sewed around the edges.  I have a sewing machine, but you can easily do this with needle and thread.  Don’t forget to leave a small area open for stuffing the pillow.
  2. You’ll need to have flaxseed and lavender.  I used 10 ounces of flaxseed and 1 ounce of lavender.  I suggest pouring in a bowl to get an even mixture.
  3. HERE’S THE TRICK.  Lavender is very strong…a little can go a long way.  I had to adjust mine several times because the smell was so overpowering.  
  4. Carefully pour your mixture into the bag.  You can put as much or as little as you want.  
  5. Sew up the last corner to complete.
  6. Go RELAX!

Now I can lie in bed and place this over my eyes for a few minutes when I have time. It’s so nice to smell the lavender and relax!