Taking Care of ALL your Family Members

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My husband and I got our dog 11 years ago.  We thought long and hard about it.  I’m allergic to dogs, but we got an airedale terrier because she has hair and not fur.  She doesn’t shed at all.  In the past year or so we can really tell she’s getting older.  We still see a pep in her step every once and awhile, but she does lay around quiet a bit now.  She has some arthritis in her hips that makes it’s hard for her to get up after she’s been laying awhile.  We’ve also noticed her doing things that she normally doesn’t do.  For instance, if our pantry door is not closed all the way, she gets in there.  She doesn’t do it when we’re home, but as soon as we leave she will nudge the door all the way open and eat everything on the bottom self.  That includes bread, tortillas, and bagels.  I’ve come home with bags all over the downstairs that are empty because she decided to get herself a treat.

Taking care of all your family members

Here she is when we first got her and I’m pregnant!

dog 4

We have some pills for her to help with the arthritis so that doesn’t seem to bother her as much.  We also decided to try a new dog food. We headed over to PetSmart and bought Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND is just for dogs that are 7+.  It’s specially formulated to increase cognitive awareness.  Once you start feeding your dog this you may notice more of an interest in playing and interaction between you and your dog.  Remember dogs are considered a senior when they are 7 years old!!

Zoe 5

Zoe 9

Here’s Zoe now.  This is what she does most the time now.  Yes, she needs a hair cut!

Dog 1

Switching over the dog food is pretty simple.  You don’t want to do it all at once though.  There are instructions listed on the back of the package that are easy to follow.  You just do it gradually.  A quick change could upset their stomachs.

We love our Zoe girl and my daughter loves to cuddle her and give her treats.  She always tells her to “take it like a lady”.  She used to always run off and we had to chase her down.  Now that she has gotten older, she may get out and wander down to the mailbox, but then make her way back to the house.  She loves to sit out on the front porch in the morning while it’s cool out and watch the kids while they wait on the bus.

Zoe 4

Check out this great video I made from her point of view and what a great dog she is!

How old is your dog?   What activities does your dog like to do with your family?

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  1. What a fun post! The world really does look different when you’re a dog! We have two older dogs here in our house, so I’ll have to check out this food. Thanks for sharing! #client

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