50 Places People Forget to Clean

Everyone remembers to clean the toilets and sweep the floors, but there are a ton of places you should be cleaning and probably forget.  Most don’t take long and should be added to your cleaning routine.  Some should be done every week, but others can be done once a month or even once a year.  Scroll own to see the 50 places you may forget to clean.

You think your house is clean, but most people forget some things. Here are 50 places that most people forget to clean. Not anymore!

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50 Places People Forget to Clean

  1. The shower curtain
  2. Replace the shower curtain liner
  3. Behind the toilet
  4. Shower drain
  5. The place where you keep your shampoo in the shower
  6. Bottom of shower door-  Lots of gunk!
  7. The bottom of the shower door
  8. Fans-  Here’s a little tool to help.
  9. That little ledge above the door
  10. Baseboards
  11. On top of the refrigerator
  12. Inside refrigerator
  13. Kitchen table legs
  14. Table chairs
  15. Light fixtures
  16. Lamp Shades-   I vacuum mine with my Dustbuster or use the wand on my vacuum!
  17. Window sills
  18. Door knobs
  19. Closet floors
  20. Coffee maker- Run vinegar through once and then plain water (at least three times).
  21. Tops of wall frames
  22. Top of the microwave
  23. Inside microwave
  24. Computer keyboard-  I use this to clean my electronics.
  25. Computer mouse
  26. Computer screen
  27. Remote controls
  28. Behind the couch
  29. Under chairs
  30. House phone
  31. Cell phone
  32. Silverware drawer
  33. Oven drawer
  34. Inside of trash cans-  All of them!  If it’s sitting out you may need to replace it.  It just looks nicer.
  35. Pantry floor
  36. Air filter grates
  37. Air vent grates
  38. Behind washer and dryer
  39. Inside washing machine
  40. Outside of washer and dryer
  41. Banisters
  42. Front Door
  43. Door from garage into house
  44. Dust house plants
  45. Under the sinks
  46. Outside furniture
  47. Fireplace
  48. Light switches
  49. Button to garage door- Mine was filthy!
  50. Pet bowls or just buy new ones!
  51. Garbage disposal- BONUS!

How many do you already do?  How many are you adding to your list?  Sometimes you know what you need to do and you just need a little reminder and motivation to get it done!  Good luck!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for this! I’m going to print this out for when I have a few extra minutes, or for when the kids need a consequence! 😀

  2. DC says:

    Can I pretend I didn’t see your list? LOL ….. feels like my to-do list just expanded by a couple weeks 😉

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