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Fun YouTube Channels for Kids

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Finding fun YouTube channels for kids can be time consuming and challenging.  My boys love going on YouTube, but I’m very careful on what they’re watching.  One minute they can be watching something that’s a normal kid program and two clicks later they are on a video with kids cursing like crazy.  There are a few channels that I allow my kids to watch because they are good and I know an inappropriate video won’t pop up.  Here’s a great start with a few goods one they should really like.

Fun YouTube Channels for Kids


Fun YouTube Channels for Kids

  • Stampy– If your kids like Minecraft, they’ll like this.  I find the guys voice somewhat annoying, but they like it.  They can listen to him be silly because I know nothing about the game.
  • Parry Gripp–  This channel has lots of silly videos and songs.  My 10 year old loves this kind of nonsense stuff.
  • HalleCake–  I love this channel because Halle makes fun recipes and crafts kids love.  My younger son is always wanting to try out what she’s making or try to create something new.  He also wants me to video it too!
  • React–  This is a cool show.  It shows different ways kids and adults react to things like music and new foods.  They may play songs from a band and then tweens and teens discuss and answer questions about what they heard.  It’s great to hear them think a little deeper and may encourage your child to do the same.
  • AFV–  Who doesn’t love Americas Funniest Home Videos?  They put up new videos everyday and they are so fun to watch.
  • Dude Perfect–  I love that these 5 guys are having fun and no BAD words!!  My boys are always grabbing my phone to make their own Dude Perfect videos.  They are throwing footballs across a stadium into trashcans or having dizzy bat races.  They have a wide variety of videos and all are great for kids of all ages.
  • Art for Kids Hub–  Do you have a little artist?  My kids love to draw and this guy is great.  He has a ton of videos drawing all kinds of animals and holiday things. This is a great activity for your kids this summer too.

Do you allow your kids to watch YouTube?  What channels do they like?

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