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Tips to get your kids moving in the morning

School is about to start and my kids will struggle to get out and catch the bus in the morning. I’ve made a few adjustments lately to help them (and me) get out the door smoother and quicker.

Tips to get your kids moving in the morning

1.  Have their clothes laid out  Usually I don’t do this because my boys are pretty good about getting dressed and looking ok.  Most the time they just wear gym shorts and t-shirts so it’s hard to mess that up.  However, they both had been coming down with dirty clothes on.  I’m not sure if they just didn’t throw them in the hamper or they really like certain outfits.  I started making them pick out their clothes the night before and it has helped a lot.  I don’t have to send them back upstairs to change socks or shirts.  This also cuts down on the arguments as they fail to convince me that what they’re wearing really is clean.

2. Know what they will have for breakfast  I try and know what they are going to eat for breakfast before I go to bed.  This only takes a second, but I decide if it will be a cereal morning or if I’ll make something.  If I’m making something, I make sure I’m not the one holding them up.  If I don’t time things properly, then they’re rushing to eat.  I give myself plenty of time.  Here are some quick breakfasts that they can get themselves.

3. Bathe at night We make our kids take showers or baths before bed.  They play sports and get dirty playing outside and I just like them to be clean when they get into bed.  If we had to do that in the morning, we would never be on time.  I have a son that would use all the hot water and stay in there all morning.

4. Get backpacks ready to go the night before I always sign book logs, permission slips, and behavior reports at night.  After homework time, I make them get everything ready for the next day.  They put everything back in their backpacks and zip it up.  They place it by the door and it’s ready to grab and go.

5.  I keep toothbrushes and shoes downstairs  I started keeping extra toothbrushes and toothpaste downstairs.  This has been a huge help.  For one, I can make sure they are actually brushing their teeth.  Second, I don’t have to send them upstairs where they will get distracted and start playing.  So many times I found myself yelling for them to hurry only to realize that they were having a wrestling match and not brushing their teeth.

It’s nice to be able to have a calm morning and talk to your kids while everyone is getting ready for the day.  I felt when we were rushing around I wasn’t giving them the best start I could and sending them off in a rush.  When they left,  I was exhausted and needed a minute to gather my thoughts.  I knew they probably were feeling similar and I wanted them getting to school in a happy mood and ready to learn.

Get your kids moving in the morning

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