How to save money at the grocery store without coupons

I love saving money at the grocery store, but sometimes coupons are such a big hassle.  I cut out the ones I get from the newspaper and sometimes look online at  When I use coupons, it takes longer for me to shop and I want to get in and out.  I also keep them in an envelope and it takes forever to find specific coupons when I need them.  But now, I’ve learned to save money without using coupons!

How to save money at the grocery store without coupons.

1.  Clean out and go through your pantry and refrigerator  Get rid of all the spoiled food.  If things are mess, straighten it out so you can see what’s in there.  My kids always get things disorganized.  I go in and look through things to see what’s there.  There are many times that I’ve found an empty box of cereal.  If you have leftovers and you know you won’t eat them, just throw them out now before you go to the store.  Now you know what you have.

2.  Menu I always make a menu before going to the grocery store.  When I don’t, and go in blind, my bill is always higher.  Know what you are going to make every night so you know what to buy.  I try to be flexible though:  if I find a good price on a different cut a meat, then I just switch things up.

3. Shop in your pantry When you are making your menu, use the things you already have.  While you were cleaning out earlier, did you notice that you had 2 bags of rice?  Put rice on the menu.  Did you see tons of canned tomatoes?  Make a casserole or spaghetti sauce.  Check your freezer.  If you see meat that’s been in there awhile, then you should incorporate that into your menu.

4. Shop in the same store  This is a huge help and massive time saver.  When I start making my grocery list I can mentally walk through the store and it helps me think of anything I forgot.  It also makes your actual shopping time much faster because you can find things easily.  When I go to a different store it takes me twice as long because they keep things in unfamiliar places making it difficult to find some items.  When you are familiar with the store layout, you will notice when an item goes on sale and items that have a particularly good price.

5.  Grocery List  Now you can start making your grocery list.  Keep like items together.  I keep my list on my phone in the notes section.  I like this because I can always go insert a line where needed.  I keep all the produce items together, canned goods, meat, cold stuff, etc.  You can stay organized and focus on finding a good deal instead of searching for things you need.

6.  Sales  When you see a sale of something, buy 2.  I know some people that stock up and buy a lot, but I just double the purchase.  If I see granola bars or cereal at a good price, I buy it.  I hide it in my laundry room so my kids don’t see it.  If you make chicken legs every week and they are on sale, you may want to buy a little more because you know it’s a family favorite and probably a quick and easy meal.

7. Discount cards  This is a no-brainer.  Easy!  My health insurance also offers a discount card.  When the cashier scans it, I get a discount on what my insurance company says is a healthy option.  It’s not much, but every little bit counts.  It’s usually a few dollars each week.  You may want to check if your insurance company has a similar option.

8.  Don’t be afraid to try new things If there is a sale on a new brand that you don’t normally buy, you should give it a try.  Sometimes you may like it better.  If not, you can go back to your regular brand.

9.  Old produce bins  This is one of my favorites.  I love looking to see what I can find.  Many times I find red and orange peppers at a really good price.  I can rearrange my menu and have fajitas.  Sometimes I drop an item from my list, since now my kids can have peppers and hummus for a snack.  They almost always have bananas and I love banana bread or muffins.

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11 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    Great tips! I also use apps on my phone once I get home to save money. My fav 2 apps are Check Out 51 and Ibotta! I have saved like $30+ since using them 🙂

  2. I completely agree. I do all those and use occasional coupons mailed directly from Kroger since they pick things I already buy!

  3. Laura says:

    These are great tips! Thanks for sharing with the Frugal Family linky!

  4. Heaven says:

    Great tips! I need to shop my fridge and pantry more often. I’ve been known to hide food too! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. great tips! I’m the same way with coupons – I clip them and too many times forget about them, grr! These are sensible ideas, thanks for sharing at our FB Share Day!

  6. Thanks so much for linking up and pinning the features at The Pretty Pintastic Party! We’ve chosen this post to be featured at the party this weekend, so we hope you’ll stop by, grab a featured button, and link up some more fabulous posts!

  7. Couponing was turning into a big time suck for me. Now I’m checking the flyers, making my menu and list, then checking for online coupons for the stuff already on my list. Thanks for posting. Hello from Frugal Family Linky.

  8. LeAnn says:

    Great ideas! I dont coupon either because all the things I use are always out of stock by the time I get to the store and I found I was feeding my kids a lot of preservatives and junk with the stuff I was buying just because I had a coupon!

    • Holly says:

      I totally agree. I was buying stuff that wasn’t good for them and I was just saying to myself, just this one time. Then I noticed it was happening every week.

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