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Help your child fall asleep faster

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Isn’t it SO frustrating when you’re ready for the day to end and you put your kids to bed, but they just aren’t ready to go to sleep.  They keep getting up.  I have one son that always has to go to the bathroom about 5 minutes after we tuck him in.  As an adult, I know that I get frustrated when I’m laying in bed and can’t fall asleep.  It has to be REALLY frustrating for a kid.  Here are some tips to help them fall asleep faster.

Help your child fall asleep faster

Make sure they’re tired!  I know when my kids aren’t running around playing outside or  playing sports they aren’t as tired and I let them stay up a little longer.  When my son practices lacrosse 2-3 times a week and then has 4 games on the weekend, I know he’s tired.  If practice is cancelled because of wet fields and then he only has 1 game on the weekend, he’s just not as tired. When we are swimming in the summer for a couple of hours a day, I know that gets a ton of energy out and they sleep better at night.

Give them a warning.  I’ve found when they are playing and they I abruptly tell them to go brush their teeth, complaining ensues.  I give them 30, 15, and 5 minute warnings.  This way they can mentally finish what they are doing.

Make sure they aren’t hungry.  My kids usually have a dessert.  Sometimes it’s ice cream, but most of the time it’s an orange or apple.   I know I’ve gotten in bed and then realized I’m hungry.  It’s so distracting and I have trouble falling asleep.  I’ve even gotten up to eat something, but the kids won’t be able to do that.

Prepare their room.  It’s it’s light outside you may need to buy blackout curtains.  You may need to buy 3 night lights because they are scared of the dark.  My daughter got scared of her American Girl doll because my boys told her that she turns into Chucky at night.  Don’t get me started on this!  Now we have a whole routine to move her doll to another room.

Give them a few minutes of one-on-one time when you are tucking them in.  My daughter loves this and I usually give her this time when I’m tucking her in.   She’s in kindergarten and loves to tell me about her school day.  This gives them the opportunity to tell you something that could be bothering them and ask some questions.  Just getting something off their chest can help them relax.

Essential Oils. My middle child loves these.  He’s my wild one and his mind is always going at full speed.  There are some roll on oils that I give him before bed and it helps him relax and fall asleep easier. He loves lavender!

Hope some of these suggestions can help you.  What are some things you do that help your kids fall asleep faster?