How I stopped my child from being clumsy

You can read here on how I stopped my child from being clumsy, but wanted you all to know that falling and clumsiness can occur for a bunch or reason.  Some children require physical therapy because they could have a more serious issue.  This worked for us and thought I’d share our experience and maybe help someone else.

My youngest son is the definition of boy…messy, rambunctious, and always on the move.  He runs everywhere, never stops wrestling with his brother and sister around the house, and absolutely loves playing football.  And whatever he does, he goes 100%…full throttle.  His wrestling coach’s biggest concern, as he often explains, is teaching him to harness all that energy and release it at the right time.

Read about how I helped my child and stopped him from being clumsy! I just thought he was a clumsy kid and I couldn't do anything about it, but I was wrong.

Help for clumsy kids

He has always been a little clumsy, but I noticed it was getting worse as he turned 4.  He would run in the grass and, out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, trip and fall.  We found something that helped us, so I thought I could share what worked for him and could help for other clumsy kids.  

One time he was coming down the stairs and fell on his face.  We had to take him for x-rays because we thought he broke his nose.  He would walk down the hall and bump into the wall.  He would fall out of the chair as he went to sit down at dinner.  

I was concerned that this clumsiness was causing some major injures.   And, as you can tell, this just wasn’t sporadic.  This happened everyday and, sometimes, multiple times a day.  Finally, when he got the injury below, I knew I had to do something to help.  He was really going to get hurt!

How I stopped my child from being clumsy

How I stopped my child from being clumsy

That’s when I decided to make an appointment with the chiropractor.  I had never been to one; however, I had heard good things from our neighbors and friends who were advocates.  Additionally, I found a chiropractor who specialized in children.  I just knew he must have injured himself with all the falling.

We went to the initial appointment and she did a variety of scans on his back.  We went back a few days later to review the results and discuss a corrective action plan.  What she told me was a real surprise! 

She said that his lower back was really out of alignment.  And that was the reason why he was falling down so much!   I never thought that there could be a cause to his falling.  I just thought he was clumsy.  That said, I was still skeptical, but decided we had nothing to lose.

The corrective action plan was fairly simple.  We ended up taking him twice the first week to be adjusted, then an additional 2 times the next week.  I noticed that he wasn’t falling as much.  After that we spaced out his visits.  

We went weekly for a couple of weeks, then every 2 weeks, then monthly.  It was working.  My clumsy little boy was not clumsy anymore!  I watched him run and play with no injuries.

I never expected these results because I never realized that could have been even a problem.   Now, when I notice him fall a couple of times, I make an appointment for him to get adjusted again.  And that always does the trick!   He hasn’t been back in 6 months and still going strong.

You may have a wild child like me so make sure you read this!

Embrace your Wild Child

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  1. Adreanna says:

    Wow it’s like you are describing my almost 3 year old! He is so clumsy… His legs and arms and forehead always have bruises. He falls down all the time! Thank you for sharing, I will defiantly be looking into this more.

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