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How to Make a Fairy Garden for Kids

A fairy garden for kids, tweens and teens can be a great activity. It’s perfect to keep kids busy this summer and express their creativity.

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My daughter just had a birthday and she got the best gift, a bunch of items to make her own fairy garden.

This is perfect for her. It wasn’t a kit or anything with directions, but a bunch of crafting supplies. She can let her imagination go wild.

wooded area with closeup bottom of tree with small fairy door

Fairy Garden for Kids

With a few minutes searching the internet, she knew where she was starting.

I set her up her own Pinterest board for fairy garden ideas. You can look or follow it here. Browse through it and you will definitely be inspired. You may even make a fairy town!

The best thing about a fairy garden is that you can put it anywhere outside. Pick a corner, tree, or bush and get started. It can be as big and elaborate as you want.

How to make a fairy garden.

There are a lot of cool things you can buy to make your fairy garden, but you need to start in your own yard and house to collect supplies.

  • twigs
  • leaves
  • rocks
  • bark
  • dirt and sand
  • plastic containers (can cute to make a house)
Small fairy house covered with moss, rocks, and bark.

Here’s the fairy house my daughter made. I helped her cut a plastic orange juice container and then she decorated it with moss and things she found in the yard.

Here are more items you can buy to make your fairy garden perfect.


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Can’t wait to see her finished garden!