Keeping Your Tween Safe on the Internet

This is a sponsored post written on behalf on Get Smart Academy.  All opinions are 100% mine!

I can’t imagine being a kid now and having so much information at my finger tips.   I officially have 2 tweens in my house and I’ve been hearing some horrible stories on the news lately about teens and the Internet.  My oldest son gets a school issued computer that he’s able to bring home everyday for the school year.  My middle child has his own school issued computer, but he has to keep it at school.  My daughter, who is in kindergarten, has her own iPad at school.  It’s crazy!  Keeping them safe on the Internet needs to be every parents priority.  Here are a few rules that I have so I know what they’re up to when on the computer or tablet.

Keeping Your Tween Safe on the Internet

  1.  Look at their history.  I have a rule that they may not delete their history or they are in HUGE trouble.   I can go look anytime to see what they’ve been doing.  They each have their own profile on my computer so I can see what they’ve been doing.
  2. Limit Internet time.  I have timers set on my computer.  When it hits the time limit, it kicks them off.
  3. Block sites you know you don’t want them using.  My kids love searching out games, but sometimes they get on a site then click and it takes them to another.  This may happen a few times in a row and they end up somewhere that’s totally inappropriate for them.  I go in all the time and add more sites to block and they don’t even know.
  4. Keep Internet use to main areas of the house.  I have a son that loves to watch YouTube videos.  He watches skateboarding and pogo stick videos.  I am usually right with him because you never know what you are going to get.

Kids are smart these days and mine definitely know more on the computer that I do.  It’s not unusual for me to yell in the other room and ask a question on how to do something.

Get Smart Academy is a video course for parents.  You’ll learn so many great things to keep your family safe in the computer world.  Here’s a quick preview video.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn some tips and stay on top of them.  It’s better to be proactive than reactive.  Don’t you hate it when your kids do something they shouldn’t, but you could have stopped them if you had done something first.  They have a course on keeping kids safe on YouTube which I’m very interested in watching!

Head on over to the Get Smart Academy and check it out.

Keeping Your Tween Safe on the Internet

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