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Are your kids driving you nuts?

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Are your kids driving you nuts right now too? We had a 4 day weekend, my husband is out of town, and now a snow day!!  ARRGGG!  I’m about to scream.  They have been arguing and teasing each other and they are going nuts too.  Here are some things I’ve been doing to survive and not go crazy!

When your kids are driving you nuts

What to do when your kids are driving you nuts!

  • Make them take a bubble bath- even the older kids like this!
  • You take shower, even if you already took one today.
  • Give them food.
  • Just give them a tablet or phone and put them in their room.
  • Put on a movie.
  • Put them to be early.
  • Bundle them up and make them go outside.
  • Have them build a fort.
  • Just have a drink! 🙂
  • Playdoh-  This keeps my kids busy for hours.
  • Let them binge watch their favorite show.  My boys are hooked on Good Luck, Charlie.
  • Tell them your stomach hurts and then sit in the bathroom for some quiet. 🙂
  • Art- Take out your glue, paint, scissors, markers, and crayons.  Have them make a book, snowflakes, paper chain, whatever they can design.  My daughter likes making her own casts and then she pretends she has a broken arm.  Don’t worry about the mess.  Just relax while they’re busy.
  • Have them read for 20 minutes.

Hope these help and you can have a few minutes to yourself to rest or get dinner on the table.


Monday 1st of August 2016

Even american academy of pediatrics says to NEVER let kids have screens in their rooms. Do not get in the habit of that, you will regret that one when they are older!