Migraines: Tips for when you have more than a headache

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After I was out of college, I moved to Atlanta to work.  I had always lived close to home so this was a huge adventure for me.  Once I got there and started living on my own, I started getting more than just headaches, but migraines.  It was horrible.  I would have to leave work and then just lay in bed with the curtains closed.  Most of mine did not last more than few hours thank goodness! Migraines usually last between 4 and 72 hours so I was a lucky one.  Sometimes I would have nausea, but most the time I would lay there and not be able to move until it passed.

Portrait of tired woman touching her head

Portrait of tired woman touching her head

I realized I wasn’t alone and nearly 18% of American women (and 6% of men) suffer from migraines.  That’s nearly 36 million Americans.  Everyone’s migraine can take on different forms.  Here’s  chart of the most common symptoms.  Pain and light sensitivity are the worst.  I couldn’t even open my eyes.  When I would drive home from work, I could barely keep my eyes open it was so bright.  I always knew when one was coming on because my head would start to hurt in the same place every time.  I still know I’m going to get a bad headache when it hurts in this certain place.

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Fortunately , I realized what was causing my migraines.  I was young, staying out late, drinking more than I had been, and eating really bad.  I was just starting out in my career and feeling stressed out.  I also couldn’t pop over to my moms house anymore to grab some healthier meals.  I started to change some of my behaviors and my migraines lessened and finally went away for good.

Visit MoreToMigraine.com for a great resource for migraine sufferers.  Remember, you are not alone.

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