First things to do when you find out you’re moving

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I was walking around the block and I took a different route than I normally do. I was on a street I usually don’t drive on and noticed that there were 5 houses for sale in a small section of our neighborhood. I live in a town where not many people are from here. There are a couple of big industries that keep people moving in and out of the area. It’s fun to talk to all the new neighbors and find out where they originally came from.  Baseball and football seasons are crazy around here because people are cheering for teams all over the country.

First things to do when you find out you're moving

Every time I find a friend is moving away, I get really anxious. I think about if we ever needed to move again and all the work that’s involved. I see other people scrambling around looking for movers, new homes, researching their new area, schools. It can be a really stressful time.  Here are some tips to help make your moving process a little smoother.

First things to do when you find out you’re moving

Find a GOOD realtor for your new area.  I know this is hard to do, but many companies often help in this area.  If not, you can get your local realtor to do a little research and find one for you.  They get a small referral fee and many times already know people in other areas.  When I moved to Charlotte, I asked a realtor friend in Atlanta to help find me one.  The realtor she found me was AWESOME!  I was VERY happy how it turned out.  It was a win-win for both of us.

Don’t rush!  Often times your life seems turned upside down.  Take a couple of days to let it all sink in.

Start cleaning out NOW.  Head straight to the playroom and start boxing up all the under used toys.  Don’t move things you don’t need.

Declutter your house to help it sell.  My husband and I rented a storage unit.  We made the garage look bigger by emptying it out.  I boxed up the out of season clothes to make my closet look more organized and larger.

Make a great first impression.  Spend money on flowers, pots, and plants and add them to the porch, around trees and mailboxes.  Don’t forget the backyard too.  Eyes will go to the colorful areas and may overlook the not so pleasant areas.

Think outside the box.  Timing the selling of your home and buying a new home can be tough.   We were building a house, but sold our house in less than a week.  We had to move into a rental house for a couple of months and CORT Furniture Rental would have been a life saver.  We ended up having to move twice in a short amount of time (and I was 8 months pregnant)!    This is great for a temporary job assignment too.  CORT offers move-in ready packages that would be perfect for something like that. I know of people who have waited for over 6 weeks for their furniture to be delivered from their moving company!

As I was writing this I was thinking how nice this would have been when we moved into our house to rent furniture.  We rushed out and bought a couch, which everyone hates now, but we needed one.  I wish we would have just rented something and we could have taken our time to buy something we liked.  If we didn’t like it, then it wouldn’t matter because we didn’t buy it.  Here it is.  See how it’s faded and the cushions are always smushed like that.

First things to do when you find out you're moving

 Here in the south we love our formal living rooms, but I know many people that don’t even have furniture in them.  It’s hard to spend a lot of money on furniture on a room you don’t use often.

First things to do when you find out you're moving

What are some things you would do before moving?

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