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Must Watch Shows on Showtime 0

Must Watch Shows on Showtime

My family has the most basic TV channels on our TV. I would get rid of them totally, but my husband hasn’t figured out how to get all his sports without it.

7 Days and 7 Things You Should Declutter This Week 0

7 Days and 7 Things You Should Declutter This Week

I’ve been driving through the neighborhood and on trash day there are a lot more bags than normal. People are loving spring and cleaning out. I’ve done the kid clothes and my husband has tackled the garage.

Why My Kids Rarely Get Sick 8

Why my kids rarely get sick

My kids are 5, 8, and 10 and we don’t have very many sick days.  They are busy kids and around a bunch of different people.  Both my boys even wrestle and spend a lot...

Tweens can be tough to buy for. Here's a great list of OVER 30 items your tween BOY will love! 1

30+ Gifts for Tween Boys

I have two boys ages 8 and 10, officially tweens! It can be challenging to find some gifts that they like, so with their help, I’ve made a fun list your tween should love.

Kid Approved Meatloaf Cups 1

Kid Approved Meatloaf Cups

I’m sure, like most families with kids, that you have Goldfish® crackers in your pantry. I know I have several bags and cartons floating around in there. They aren’t just for snacking kids!