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3 Must Have Fashion Items this Spring 1

3 Must Have Fashion Items this Spring

I’m a busy mom and don’t follow fashion styles that closely, but still like to look nice and in style. I do wear what’s comfortable, looks good, and works with my lifestyle with 3 busy kids.

Brita's NEW Water Filtration System 0

Brita’s NEW Water Filtration System

I got the opportunity to test out a new product from Brita and it’s perfect for sports. The Brita Jug Filter is a water filter that fits in your jug water coolers and filters out the chlorine from tap water.

Family Beach Tips 140

Family Beach Tips and CONTEST!!

I love that it’s spring and I’m starting to plan my summer vacation!! I was at a baseball tournament all weekend and I was sitting out side in the sun and it was so nice and relaxing.

Diet Dr Pepper Ice Cream Float 1

Diet Dr Pepper Ice Cream Float

Sometimes I just love a special treat and you’ll never guess what one of the ingredients is! Yep, Diet Dr Pepper®.   Keep reading and you can see the most delicious pictures ever! Diet...

Brothers prank sister- So Funny 0

Brothers prank sister- So Funny

This video is so funny and so mean at the same time.  This is totally something my brother would have done to me!!  These brothers convince their little sister that there is a zombie...