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Why My Kids Rarely Get Sick 8

Why my kids rarely get sick

My kids are 5, 8, and 10 and we don’t have very many sick days.  They are busy kids and around a bunch of different people.  Both my boys even wrestle and spend a lot...

Kid Approved Meatloaf Cups 1

Kid Approved Meatloaf Cups

I’m sure, like most families with kids, that you have Goldfish® crackers in your pantry. I know I have several bags and cartons floating around in there. They aren’t just for snacking kids!

Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean 0

Ways Your Kids Can Help Spring Clean

I’ve started my spring cleaning already because we have had some beautiful days here in North Carolina. I’ve even had the windows open this past weekend because it was in the 70’s!

Week Night Samoa Cheesecake 2

Week Night Samoa Cheesecake

I love dessert! My family loves dessert. However, we are so busy that I never have time to make it. Even if I did have time, we wouldn’t have time to eat it. I found a great little shortcut though.

Grocery Shopping Time Savers 2

Grocery Shopping Time Savers

The most time consuming chore is with my food and meals. I plan out my menu, make a grocery list, shop for food, then make each meal. It probably is yours too.