Paper Eggs for Easter

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Paper Eggs

Materials needed

Paper Eggs


1.  Use the marker to draw an egg shape and cut it out for your child’s template.  You can make the eggs as large or small as you want based on the size of this original egg shape.

Paper Easter Eggs

2.  Trace the egg template 5 times on each colored sheet of paper you use.  It takes five to make one egg.

Paper Easter Eggs

3.  Cut the eggs out.

Paper Easter Eggs

4.  Fold each egg length wise.

Paper Easter Eggs

5.  While it’s folded, glue another folded egg on top. Do this until you use all 5 eggs.

Paper Easter Eggs

6.  After you have glued all 5 eggs to one another, pick it up and pull slightly and glue the last fold to the first folded paper.

Paper Eggs for Easter

It’s that simple. You have a great paper egg for your kids to do and then you can use it for an Easter display in your house.

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    So cute and simple! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Farrah says:

    This would be such a cute crafting project for the kids at church! :]!

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