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Party Theme Ideas for Teens

Are you looking for fun and unique party theme ideas for your teens? Check out this great list of ideas, from retro dance parties to outdoor movie nights. Your teen’s next party will be the talk of the town!

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Looking for the perfect birthday party theme for your teenagers? Look no further! From pool parties to movie theater nights, and scavenger hunts to murder mystery parties, we’ve got plenty of fun ideas to help you plan the ultimate celebration for your closest friends. You’re sure to have a good time!

silver, red and purple metallic helium balloons

Party Theme Ideas for Teens

Our list of creative ideas includes everything from face masks to glow sticks, card games to board games, and even age-appropriate treasure hunts. Plus, with party guests ranging from little kids to older teens and young adults, there’s something for everyone in this roundup. So whether you’re planning a dinner party, beach party, or outdoor movie night, with these great party theme ideas, your birthday teen is sure to have a blast on her big day!

closeup of pink donut with different colored sprinkles

Movie night

Host a movie night with a fun theme like 80s movies or a new favorite movie. I recently did this with my teen daughter that was coed and it was a lot of fun. We had a firepit with s’mores, popcorn and a great movie. This is the movie projector I have and it works great for a good price.

Game night

Plan a night of board games, card games, and video games. Encourage guests to bring their favorite games.

Karaoke party

Set up a karaoke machine or use the ones on YouTube and let the teens show off their singing talents.

Scavenger hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood or around the house. The ones where teens can split into teams and run around the neighborhood are fun.

Pool party

If you have a pool in your backyard, plan a pool party complete with pool floats, music, and snacks. Rent a water slide, make some water balloons and water guns and break out the music and swimsuits.

Spa day

Have a spa day with facials, mani-pedis, and DIY face masks. There are endless ideas and products for a spa party.

DIY crafts party

Get creative with a DIY crafts party where guests can make jewelry, tie-dye shirts, or paint canvases. I’ve done a tie-dye party and it was a hit. I supplied one shirt that I bought at the local craft shop but told the kids to bring anything they and they could tie-dye more. When you have this kind of party you don’t have to worry about party favors either.

Outdoor Adventure

Plan a day of rock climbing, hiking, or zip-lining at a nearby park or outdoor area.

Foodie party

Have a cook-off or bake-off party where guests bring their favorite recipe and compete to see whose dish is the best or supply a box of ingredients to see what they can do with it. This is great for coed parties and they are making their own party food.

Talent show

Host a talent show where guests can showcase their talents in singing, dancing, acting, or comedy. This makes party planning a little easier because the guests are making their own entertainment.

Masquerade Party

Decorate with a fun backdrop for Instagram photos and make sure to set a dress code. Create a fun and colorful mocktail to go along with your theme.

gold Masquerade mask

Video Game Night

You can have a Fortnight dancing contest and rent a video game truck. This is fun for both boys and girls. Dress as your favorite video game character.

Hawaiian Luau

A luau is an easy and fun party theme to decorate because you can get tons of accessories at Party City and even The Dollar Tree. Make sure to have some fun luau food like roasted pork, pineapple salsa and virgin Piña Coladas.

aloha themed party with grass skirt table cloth,. pink aloha balloons, punch and pineapples on the table

Glow-in-the-dark Party

Dim the lights and decorate with neon or glow-in-the-dark decorations such as balloons, streamers, and black lights. Teenagers wear neon clothes, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and accessories that light up in the dark. Create glow-in-the-dark games and activities such as glow stick tag and glow-in-the-dark bowling. Surprise your guests with glow in the dark drinks. Don’t forget to get black light bulbs.

Harry Potter Party

Teens can dress up as their favorite character, make some butterbeer and have a sorting hat! I have an entire post dedicated to a Harry Potter party so make sure to check it out.

Red Carpet Party/Hollywood Night

Teenagers love to dress up! It’s a great time to wear a favorite dress again or require everyone to buy a dress from a thrift store and make it red carpet worthy. Even the guys love dressing up sometimes too!

Carnival/Fair Party

You could do so much with a carnival theme that includes popcorn and cotton candy and corn dogs to eat. Don’t forget the games. Rent a dunk tank and have games like, a ring toss, guess how many jar and pick a duck.

Murder Mystery Party

I’m not one to come up with a murder mystery by myself but the Internet and tons of ideas. Here’s a site (I haven’t used it) that has some mystery party kits for teens.

Game Show Night

Create Wheel of Fortune, $100,000 Pyramid, The Price is Right or the Dating Game. Have theme music playing and give away fun prizes.

Halloween Theme Party or Costume Party

Dressing up makes parties even more fun. Pick a costume theme like decades night (70s, 80s, 90s), sports, or even teachers!!

Here are some more great ideas for teens you’ll love.