Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

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Christmas is over and my family is finally getting back to it’s normal routine.  It’s been freezing out and the kids have been stuck inside.  I thought I would make some fun and SUPER EASY hot chocolate to warm themselves (and me) up.  They’ve been hearing about a new family movie, Norm of the North and it comes out Friday, January 15. This is the perfect opportunity to get them ready for the movie.

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate


  • hot chocolate
  • whipped cream
  • marshmallows
  • candy eyes
  • icing gel for the mouth and nose

I made the hot chocolate like I normally would and then loaded it up with a ton of whipped cream.  You can’t be stingy with it. 🙂 Try and get the whipped cream as flat as you can.  Next add the marshmallows for the ears, add on the candy eyes, and then draw on the nose and mouth.  It is so simple and fun.  The kids loved it!

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

Here’s a little preview of Norm of the North to enjoy so call your kids over now.

It’s about a talking polar bear who heads to NYC to prevent his home from being destroyed.  Norm is leaving what’s familiar to him and taking on a new challenge.  My older son, who is 10 now, has always had trouble doing things that are out of his normal routine.  Kids would invite him to a sleep over and he wouldn’t even consider it.  He wouldn’t go to birthday parties unless my husband or I was there too.  In school, if he needed a napkin at lunch, he would walk around the entire cafeteria to avoid contact with his teacher.  He’s finally coming around and trying all these new things and he’s wondering why he didn’t do it sooner.  Some of life greatest rewards come from taking chances!  Maybe he’ll find a connection with Norm. 🙂

Here they are getting ready excited about seeing the movie!

Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

They have a Norm of the North activity book and have been doing word searches and tic tac toe/
Polar Bear Hot Chocolate Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

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