Are we over-scheduling our kids?

Another mom and I were talking the other day, reminiscing about our childhood.  We don’t remember our moms driving us all over the place for our after school activities.  We both felt we were driving all over town, taking our kids to gymnastics, soccer, and countless other activities.  Are kids these days over-scheduled?  I don’t feel like my kids are involved in too many after school activities, but it still feels like I am running all over town getting them to their activities.

Are we over scheduling our children?

 Are we over-scheduling our kids?

How many activities should you schedule for your child?  Here’s a breakdown of what goes on in my house right now.  It changes with each season.

Kid 1

  • Baseball
  • Soccer

Kid 2

  • Baseball
  • Music lesson

Kid 3

  • Soccer
  • Dance

I would love for my other kids to start music lessons, but when will they find the time to go to the lesson and then practice throughout the week.   I think it is important for kids to be involved and enjoy different kinds of activities.  But since they are at school all day and have additional homework,  when would they get a chance to just play?

My son, who plays the guitar, now wants to take 2 lessons a week.  I squashed that idea.  For starters, that gets expensive; however, the main reason is he needs time to play, run…just be a kid.  How can we possible keep adding activities and still get everything done while maintaining a reasonable, consistent bed time.

Right now I feel my kids are in just the right amount of after-school activities, but I know some families that are involved in many more.  I don’t know when they have time to eat or sleep.  I feel any further activities in my family would take away our time together and from their main job, school. 

This past week we have been on spring break.  We did not go anywhere.  We stayed home most days and they simply played.  They rode their scooters and made a fort in the woods.  We took bike rides, made cookies, watched movies, and went out to lunch.  They had a couple of practices, but other than that we just enjoyed our schedule-free time.  It seems like the kids might not be over scheduled, even though I am!  

What is your kids schedule?  Do you feel it’s too much?

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle Anneliese says:

    I don’t have kids, but I know when I was younger I did a lot of activities. My senior year of high school alone I spent no time at home but to sleep, but I was ok with that because I was getting to do so many things. I feel like if it’s the kids choosing to be so involved, it’s ok. It’s if parents are forcing them to do activities it’s a problem.

  2. LeAnn says:

    We do too many activities for sure! But there isnt anything we could get them to willingly drop except youth club at church and we feel like that one is most important. We do less in spring and summer so that is when they have time to play. No playtime in winter!

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