Simple Habits to Improve your Health

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Every New Year people make a resolutions to get healthy.  By the spring we’ve all fallen off the wagon and back to our old ways.  Making such a broad resolution is hard to keep because there is so much room to fail.  I’ve decided to make a list of thing that really don’t take much effort, but you WILL get healthier if you do them!  Isn’t that the best? I can’t stand the lists that tell you to take an hour a day to yourself and it’s hard enough to get 10 minutes!  These thing are realistic and we can all do.  Remember…it only takes 30 days to make something a habit!

Simple Habits to Improve Your Health

  1.  Drink More Water–   This is such an easy, simple, and FREE way to become healthier.  It’s so easy to grab a glass and fill it up with water.  I have a fun refillable cup to drink out of and I’ve just gotten into the habit of carrying it around everywhere I go.
  2. Reduce Your Coffee Intake–  I know this can be a real challenge for some.  After my third child was born I needed A LOT of coffee to get through the day.  I decided to cut back and I can not tell you how much better I slept at night.  I still go by this and only have a cup, maybe 2 and only before lunch.  If I have any coffee after lunch I have trouble sleeping at night.
  3. Go to bed just thirty minutes earlier–  You knew I was going to say something about sleep after reading #2!  Just try this for a week and I KNOW you will be able to tell a difference.  It doesn’t seem like 30 minutes will make a huge difference, but it’s HUGE!
  4. Wash your Hands–  This is so easy to do.  Take a few extra minutes a day and wash your hands or hand sanitize.  I’ve said it before, but I don’t even want to think of what germs on the those store buggies. Yes, I’m southern and say buggies!
  5. Park Farther Away–  I know… this is hard to do when you see a close parking space.  You’ll probably get into the store faster if you park in the back instead of driving around looking for a close parking space.  Those extra steps gives you a little more exercise and that’s good!
  6. Exchange one snack for a fruit or vegetable– Make an effort to grab and orange, apples, or grapes instead of chips or cookies.
  7. Take a Multivitamin–  I love these NatureMade® Multi for Her gummies I bought at Walmart.


I can grab 2 when I’m running out the door and it doesn’t add any extra time to my day.  They are the leading brand for vitamins, minerals, and supplements. * You can sign up to get a daily boost from NatureMade® that gives you daily tips to improve your health over a thirty day period.

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