Ways to Keep Summer Learning FUN

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Have you planned your summer learning for your kids? If not, it’s not too late. A survey conducted by Carson-Dellosa shows that 84% of teachers say that kids forget things they’ve learned during the school year.  Just 15 minutes a day can help prevent this.  I’ve been thinking for awhile of what my kids will do this summer so they don’t get the “summer slide” and fall back. My main goal is when they return to school, they are at least where they left off when they got out (and hopefully a little ahead). Here are a few things to make summer learning easy and fun.

Ways to Keep Summer Learning Fun

Camps Find educational camps at a local college or school.  I know Camp Invention is held at several schools in our area. It gets kids thinking “outside the box”. There are also some great camps at the state college near us.  My son has been to a math camp a few times and loved it.  They spend the afternoons building robots.  There is something for everyone out there.  These can get pretty expensive so we don’t do many of these.

Reading I’ve been talking to my kids for about 3 weeks  about what books they are going to read this summer.  My 1st grader loves those I Survived books, so I went to the library and got a bunch for him to start on.  I’m hoping for them to read 20 minutes a day or more.   Every every this is the one thing that we get out of the habit on and this year I’m determined to make in the entire summer.  Summer is a time they get to read books they really enjoy instead of ones that are assigned to them.

Foreign Language study Both my kids take Spanish in school.  They will continue to study a little of this so they don’t forget what they’ve learned.  Our local library has a ton of books and movies in Spanish.

Prepare a Toolbox  I have a toolbox (or pencil box) with all the school supplies they may need.  It includes pencils, eraser, glue stick, crayons, and scissors.  When it’s time to do school work the kids aren’t stalling to look for any of those supplies.  I made a box for each my kids.  I stock up when school supplies are on sale in August.  They love getting all new crayons and sharp pencils.

Museums Visit any local museums in your area that you just never got around to going.  When you go on vacation, take an afternoon to visit a museum there.  Your beach may have a great aquarium!

Science experiments This is when you have some time to do some really cool science experiments with your kids and all ages love these.  You can find tons a books at the local library.  There are also some great bloggers that have great ideas.

Online Learning with Carson-Dellosa Learning Activities website  You may already be using some of their Summer Bridge Activity books for your kids, but they also offer fun online educational games and printable worksheets to keep kids busy throughout the summer.  They have free resources for up to kids entering 8th grade.  My son, who is headed into 2nd loves this skip counting game.  I hear him through the house, counting, while moving his crab to grab the correct numbers.

Ways to Keep Summer Learning Fun

There are over 900 printables too, from mazes to worksheets, and in color.  I like that I can print out a worksheet, then they can play a fun game as a “reward”, but still are learning.  My boys love these word searches and crossword puzzles.

Ways to Keep Summer Learning Fun

 To access all these great resources, just visit the Carson-Dellosa Learning Activities website and sign up for a FREE account.  Good luck this summer and I hope you your kids enjoy learning this summer.  What do you have planned to keep them busy?

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