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The Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide

Almost everyone knows a Star Wars fan. Check out this ultimate Star Wars gift guide for the mega fan in your life!

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If you have a Star Wars Lover in your house, I am sure you are always looking for new ideas on what to give them.  My son has loved Star Wars since he was 4.  Our house is full of Star Wars items.  Scroll down to see all the items in this AWESOME Star Wars gift guide!

Almost everyone knows a Star Wars fan. Check out this ultimate Star Wars gift guide for the mega fan in your life!

The Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide

Movies – Every Star Wars Lover needs to have all of the movies available so they can binge on them whenever they get the whim!  This Complete Saga has the original first six movies and a ton of extras like deleted scenes, interviews, and documentaries.  And of course, do not forget the newer movies, The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

Light Saber Water Bottle

My son is always losing his water bottle.  Bet he would hold on to this one!

Death Star Light

This is a must have for our house this holiday season.

3D Yoda Light

Similar to the Death Star above and who doesn’t love Yoda!

Star Wars Themed Socks

There are several pairs of these in the wash every week at my house.

Star Wars Bedding

Send your Star Wars lover to bed in a cozy themed nest.

Death Star Waffle Maker

Everyone loves breakfast and this waffle maker is the best.

R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

This would be great for the die hard Star Wars Lover that is older or loves to cook.  Also check out the Light Saber Grilling Tongs.  My son loves to grill hot dogs with these!

Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover

Perfect for the Star Wars lover that always complains of the seat belt rubbing or being too tight!

Death Star Maze Ball

This is great entertainment for all ages.  Everyone wants a turn and everyone can laugh at each other trying to figure it out.

Chewbacca Mask

I got this for my husband for his birthday last year and it is a huge hit.  Nearly a year later, he is still pulling it out and playing around with it.  The kids beg to video chat with people using it all the time!

Light Saber Umbrella

Rain protection and flash light all in one!  Batteries not included so make sure to stock up on AAA’s.

Star Wars Silicone Molds

Cute for making ice cubes, chocolate candies, or even melting crayons into star wars shapes.

Star Wars Bop It Game

A Star Wars twist on an old classic.

Star Wars Chess

Make the game more interesting with these Star Wars pawns, rooks and knights!

Star Wars Monopoly

There are actually several different versions of this classic in Star Wars themes.

Star Wars Clue

Another great game that has been adapted to Star Wars.

Death Star Necklace

This is the best necklace.  They have a million different ones to choose from too.  Go take a look.

Star Wars Legos

Legos and Star Wars go hand in hand for many fans!

Star Wars Throw Blanket

Your favorite Star Wars lover can curl up and stay warm while watching their favorite movies.

Star Wars Lunch Bag

Keep your Star Wars lovers favorite lunch and snack items cool with this cute tote.

Star Wars Reusable Tote Bags

Give your Star Wars Lover a gift in one of these bags and they will have to it use again for any of their tote bag needs!

Gift ideas for Star Wars lovers are endless.  Hopefully you now have some good ideas for where to start.  May the force be with your shopping!

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