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Stitch Fix- October 2015

This post contains affiliate links.

I’ve been getting Stitch Fix for awhile now and really like it. You can read some of my other reviews.

Stitch Fix Review- October 2015

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, I’ll give you a quick rundown. When you sign up for Stitch Fix you fill out a questionnaire on your style. They ask you all kinds of questions so they’ll have an idea what you like and what sizes you are. They ask you if you would like to try any different styles. They show different pictures of clothes and you mark if you love them, like them, so-so, not really, and NO! With the information they gather they send you a box of 5 items your stylist thinks you will like. You can try them on at home and decide. You get on your computer and “check-out” with the items you want to keep. What you don’t want, you send back in a bag they provide for you. You can choose how often you get a “Fix”. You can even write your stylist and give them ideas for what you want. I wrote this time and said I’d like longer shirts because I have a long torso.

This month I made a short video opening the box!  I thought it would be fun to open the box together. (Don’t you just love that look I’m giving in the screen shot?!)

  1.  They sent me a khaki Anorak jacket last month that I didn’t buy.  I think they are really wanting me to get a jacket.  This one is also more expensive than last time too.  I love that it’s navy.  It won’t show dirt or mud and I just like the darker color.  I couldn’t see it when I first opened it up, but the lining is a great polkadot color.

Stitch Fix Review- October 2015- Market Spruce Angelo Cargo Anorak JacketStitch Fix Review- October 2015

  • Market Spruce Angelo Cargo Anorak Jacket- $108.00
  • Verdict: Keep

2.  I did like this dark purple shirt.  I tend to stick with grey and blacks so I liked that.  I don’t know if I would have picked this out in the store, but it fit really nice.  It was also long and went well past my waist.   I think I could wear this with a lot of different bottoms that I have.

Stitch Fix Review- October 2015Stitch Fix Review- October 2015

  • 41Hawthorn Queensland Dolman Top- $48.00
  • Verdict: Keep

3.  I love scarves and wear them all the time in the house to keep me warm.  I am ALWAYS cold.  I don’t have any like this.  I was on the fence on this one for  awhile.

Stitch Fix Review- October 2015Stitch Fix Review- October 2015

  • Echo Meadow Stripe Scarf- $48.00
  • Verdict:  Keep

4.  When I first opened this up I didn’t think I would like this on.  It fit really great and goes well with the cardigan.

Stitch Fix Review- October 2015Stitch Fix Review- October 2015

  • Navy Loveappella Saxby Scoop Neck Top- $54.00
  • Verdict: Keep

5.  I love sweaters and carry them almost everywhere I go.  I am needing some new ones too.  I love the color.  It will go with anything and I love the front.  I can wear a plain top, but adding the cardigan will make it look a little nicer.

Stitch Fix Review- October 2015Stitch Fix Review- October 2015

  • Dahlya Poppa Open Cardigan- $58.00
  • Verdict: Keep (Update- I washed according to instructions and this shrunk!!  I can’t wear it at all.  The sleeves shrunk by 3″) 🙁

First, I kept EVERYTHING!!  Second,  I have to say that it took me a long time to get pictures of myself wearing these!  I am horrible at selfies!  My total came to $316.00.  I normally wouldn’t spend this much on clothes.  However, I didn’t get a box last month and I didn’t buy much from the box in August so I had some extra funds to spend.  Because I decided to get everything, I received a 25% discount off my entire order, which came to $79.  The total came to $237.  I loved 4 of the items.  I could have sent the scarf back, but I received the 25% if I kept it too, so I did and basically got it free.

This is not a sponsored post. I decided to purchase the Stitch Fix box on my own, but it does contain an affiliate link that gives me a small credit towards my next box.


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I just saw a product on the recent Shark Tank epsiode that these people came up with a product to return garments to original size after shrinking. Can't remeber the name of it, but it's probably on their website. They got a deal.


Tuesday 17th of November 2015

Hmmm. I'll have to look into it. The sleeves are really short. I should take a picture and post it.


Wednesday 4th of November 2015

I had a Stitch top that shrunk too, I definitely can't wear mine either! Did you contact them? I'm wondering if there's anything they'll do. Their customer service is so great!


Sunday 8th of November 2015

I didn't contact them, but I've washed it a couple more time and tried to stretch it out. I had to move it to my giveaway pile! :(


Sunday 11th of October 2015

Loved the video Holly! The new clothes looked great on you!