Best Stomach Bug Tip EVER!

Usually when one kid brings home an illness, I’m always looking for a sign that the next kid has come down with it too.  The worst is the stomach bug.  It’s so contagious.  When one kid starts throwing up it’s about 100% that the rest of the family will get it, adults included.  It usually strikes hard and fast.  I know I don’t have time to do anything except try and keep the other kids away.  This is the best stomach bug tip EVER!

This is the best stomach bug tip EVER! You'll want to do this before it hits your family. It makes things MUCH easier to handle all the sickness! #stomachbug #Stomachflu #Sickfamily #Stomachbugtips This post may contain affiliate links.


Do this before your family gets the stomach bug

When the stomach bug was going around the schools a few years ago I came up with a plan.  I made a Stomach Bug Kit.  You’re not able to run out and get supplies so I made my own kit and now I keep it in the back of my pantry.  It has everything I need when the stomach bug strikes our family.

Here’s what it includes.

I went through the stomach bug once and we were out of most of these items and I promised myself that will NEVER happen again.  Now I have everything I need.  It really does make life easier!

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